Zama Ndlovu

South Africa’s democracy is dead: May it be reborn soon

The current system has failed to serve the poor and entrenched conservatism while suppressing debate

Ramaphosa’s unbalanced assessment of Zweli Mkhize ‘an insult’

Desperate to claw back the public’s trust, the president missteped and betrayed his own weak understanding of ethics and the meaning of leadership

Zama Ndlovu: Lessons from China to the ANC — No one policy can be correct indefinitely

China’s decision on edtech firms demonstrates a desire to achieve equity even at the expense of profits, and there are lessons for South Africa

We women of 2021 need a new charter

Rita Ndzanga demonstrated that ordinary people together can do extraordinary things. It’s our turn now

Some of my very best friends are white …

... and they still don't have a clue, writes Zama Ndlovu, who sees herself as black middle class but is still struggling to prove her worth.

An agnostic finds her spiritual side

Small rituals offer Zama Ndlovu a sense of completeness and keep the seat warm for God, should he ever show up.

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