Zeeshan Haider

Pakistan threatens to pull the plug on war on terror

Pakistan has warned it could end its support for the US-led war on terror if its sovereignty is violated again after a Nato attack that saw 24 dead.

Pakistan’s Parliament condemns Bin Laden raid

Pakistan's Parliament has condemned the US raid to find and kill Osama bin Laden, calling for a review of US ties.

Pakistan media warn of growing chaos as minister slain

Pakistan is being swept towards violent chaos by a growing wave of Islamist extremism, newspapers said on Thursday.

Pakistan’s main govt coalition partner quits

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani is due to meet an opposition leader in a bid to head off a possible vote of no confidence against him.

Pakistan bomber was woman covered in a burqa

A woman covered in a head-to-foot burqa carried out a suicide bombing that killed more than 40 people in Pakistan, government officials said.

Sacred Shi’ite ritual tests Pakistan’s security resolve

Pakistan is deploying tens of thousands of paramilitary soldiers and police ahead of a religious festival.

Pakistan floodwaters ebb, hunger and disease remain

A month after torrential monsoon rains triggered Pakistan's worst natural disaster on record, flood waters are starting to recede.

UN: Four million homeless in flood-hit Pakistan

The number of people rendered homeless by the devastating floods in Pakistan has risen to more than four million, the UN said on Thursday.

Gunmen attack Nato trucks near Pakistan capital

Suspected Taliban gunmen in Pakistan set fire to more than 50 trucks carrying supplies for Western forces in Afghanistan, killing at least seven.

Pakistan’s Taliban chief alive, meets reporters

The new chief of Pakistani Taliban militants who US and Pakistani officials said might be dead has surfaced to meet journalists in his stronghold.

Pakistani forces arrest Taliban spokesperson in Swat

Pakistani security forces have arrested the spokesperson for the Taliban in the Swat valley, the military said, the first major arrest in the region.

Pakistani cleric’s murder stokes sectarian tension

The son of one of Pakistan's most prominent anti-Taliban Muslim clerics fears that his father's murder could spark more sectarian violence.

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