Zinaid Meeran

Review: State capture is business as usual in ‘Vagabond’

The South Korean Netflix drama will resonate with audiences, for all the wrong reasons

Please don’t celebrate me: Nothing hurts more

The Netflix series Sex Education shows that whether you’re celebrating or vilifying “the Other”, it’s all part of the same subjugation

What is this place?: The visual simulacrum of South Africa in the Covid-19 lockdown

Why is the visual depiction of this country in centre-left international online news publications so unrecognisable?

Covid-19 lockdown: Towards a capsule existence

How online media during the Coronavirus lockdown foreshadows a permanently encapsulated life

Shooting stars in the Karoo

Zinaid Meeran attended a crash course on the status of the national identity at the Apollo Film Festival in Victoria West.

A new take on an old faith

Zinaid Meeran meets writer turned actress Rayda Jacobs whose novel, <i>Confessions of a Gambler</i>, now a movie, reflects on women in Islam.

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