Zubeida Jaffer
Zubeida Jaffer is an award-winning journalist, activist and author of three books Our Generation; Love in the Time of Treason; and Beauty of the Heart (The Life and Times of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke) available at select bookstores in all major centres as well as online at www.zubeidajaffer.co.za
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/ 9 February 2007

Too many cooks …

Birth, death, love and taxes are said to be the only constants in life, but one more thing could be added: a Robert Mugabe Cabinet. One would like to think that Stan Made — a man who has presided over the near-death of Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector since the start of the land invasions — would be relieved of his duties and packed off to a place where he has nothing at all to do with anything.

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/ 18 March 2004

Not a saint but a very human human being

Dullah Omar was a Muslim man of Asian ancestry. He was South African. An African. A man of the world. But most of all, in his own words, a ”human being”. A person equal to all others. A person who refused to differentiate on the basis of race, colour, gender or religion. The M&G pays tribute to the late former minister of transport.