Zubeida Jaffer

Resting in Tutu’s shade

The archbishop was a ‘strong tree’ who made life’s journey more bearable, writes Zubeida Jaffer.

Let us not allow FW De Klerk’s death to tear us apart

His blanket apology did not cast him as a man of principle but as a man of cowardice

Charlotte Maxeke: A woman of firsts

In 1902 she fought for emancipation, including that of women, and was the first black South African to graduate with a BSc

BOOK REVIEW: Understanding Sharia Islamic law in a globalised world

This book is a must read for those seeking to understand an important worldview that no longer remains hidden in the sands of the desert

​We must fuss about Davos – to craft a fair economic order

The world’s business leaders gather to shape a financial system that enriches them, causing financial crises and increasing the inequality gap.

Heralded heroine: Why is Charlotte Maxeke’s life such a blurry memory for SA?

Why a book on Charlotte Maxeke? Zubeida Jaffer explains how this extraordinary woman should be remembered in South Africa today.

Too many cooks …

Birth, death, love and taxes are said to be the only constants in life, but one more thing could be added: a Robert Mugabe Cabinet. One would like to think that Stan Made -- a man who has presided over the near-death of Zimbabwe's agriculture sector since the start of the land invasions -- would be relieved of his duties and packed off to a place where he has nothing at all to do with anything.

Not a saint but a very human human being

Dullah Omar was a Muslim man of Asian ancestry. He was South African. An African. A man of the world. But most of all, in his own words, a ''human being''. A person equal to all others. A person who refused to differentiate on the basis of race, colour, gender or religion. The M&G pays tribute to the late former minister of transport.

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