Zweli Martin Dlamini

Eswatini youth: ‘Nothing to lose’

More than 100 young protesters were killed by the police, sparking outrage against the king

‘Gross human rights abuses’ in Eswatini

Civil society has called for an investigation into King Mswati’s alleged crimes against humanity

Eswatini cop says ‘not in my name’

A police officer has fled the country after making allegations of human rights abuses

Pro-democracy politicians forced into hiding in Eswatini

King Mswati summons the nation to dialogue but avoids democratic engagement as death toll rises

Blood on the streets in Eswatini: The stories of those who have lost their lives

For weeks protests in eSwatini have raged, and dozens of people have been killed. But what is life like for those demanding democracy in the monarchy?

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