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23 July 2021

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Due to shop closures, damage to infrastructure and consideration for the safety of our colleagues and comrades at printers, distributors and retailers, the Mail & Guardian has taken the decision not to sell physical copies of the July 16 edition of the paper in KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape.

We do understand, however, the value and importance of honest, unbiased news and constructive critiques for people living in these regions. That’s why we are making the digital edition of this week’s paper free to everyone.

In order to access this week’s digital edition, please sign up for a free Mail & Guardian account at this link.

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Nearly half of the population in South Africa — one of the most unequal countries in the world — is considered chronically poor.

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Untreated effluent from textile factories in in Lesotho, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius and Madagascar pours into rivers, contaminating the water

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The deep oceans are a fragile final frontier, largely unknown and untouched but mining companies and governments — other than those in Africa — are eying its mineral riches

Komodo dragon faces extinction

The world’s largest monitor lizard has moved up the red list for threatened species, with fewer than 4 000 of the species left

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