/ 20 November 2022

A vibrant place to grab a bite

Oui, oui!: The Radisson Red Hotel’s OUI Bar + KTCHN.

You don’t have to check in to experience hotel living — well at least not at the Radisson Red Hotel in Rosebank, with its OUI Bar + KTCHN.

The restaurant has a vibrant, contemporary atmosphere, accentuated by a striking artwork. The portrayal of black bodies against a red canvas creates a sense of sacrifice and courage. This is complemented by the earthy tones which have been used to decorate the space, from the blue chairs placed around the bar area to the green outdoor seats. 

The space has a sophisticated, creative atmosphere that is perfect for lunch meetings with colleagues, but is still a lively enough environment for dinner with friends or drinks after work. 

There’s a sizable terrace, which makes for a relaxed dining area when seeking a break from the busyness of Rosebank.  

OUI Bar + KTCHN provides an all-day menu and it has a grab-and-go area near the hotel lobby, which is convenient for anyone who needs to eat on the run. 

The rooftop bar, which has an infinity pool, provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding city while you enjoy the tapas menu. 

Ideal for: Young professionals who balance hard work and play. The vibrant, youthful aesthetic of the restaurant makes it a perfect space to enjoy a date night or conduct an afternoon business meeting. The large red angel wings at the entrance of the hotel make for a perfect selfie spot.

order this: Gourmet super cheese beef burger served with a side of fries. The burger includes toasted buns, tomatoes, lettuce, a beef patty, melted cheese and onions. For a vegan-friendly option you can try the veggie bite which includes lentils, baby spinach, butternut, cajun walnut and chickpeas. 

Signature Bev: The Cherry Pop that blends cherry-flavoured liqueur and tequila.

You’ll like it if: You enjoy contemporary dining in an energetic and creative atmosphere. If you appreciate art, and a carefully curated dining experience, you will enjoy the simple, yet exciting, menu. 

The Friday Mood Is: Snoop Dogg’s 2011 hit song Young, Wild & Free best describes the atmosphere at OUI Bar + KTCHN.  

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Location: Corner of Oxford Road and Parks Boulevard, Oxford Parks, Dunkeld, Johannesburg. www.radissonhotels.com/en-us/hotels/radisson-red-johannesburg-rosebank