/ 5 January 2023

The Flavour Hunter: Dine with wine at Quoin Rocks’s Qbar in Rosebank

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With the festive season wrapping up, there is no better way to ease out of vacation mode than enjoying a touch of the Winelands in the concrete jungle of Johannesburg.

Located in Rosebank, home to a number of upscale restaurants, Qbar by Quoin Rock is a luxury wine bar and tapas eatery that’s intended to create a unique dining experience. It allows sommeliers to highlight their signature wines and cocktails paired with a delicious meal. 

Quoin Rock wine estate is based on the slopes of Simonsberg in Stellenbosch, offering fine dining, wine tastings, picnics at beautiful venue, elegance and sophistication and art-inspired design – and to top it off the winery doesn’t sell its offerings through other retailers, making wine tasting a more exclusive experience. 

The restaurant’s menu includes fresh oysters, grilled steaks, beef fillets and fish but also provides a wine tasting with cheese platter option, which could serve as a great Saturday afternoon activity to catch up with friends. If you are looking to enjoy a tasting, be prepared to spend a bit. A glass of wine ranges from R165 to R300 with a wine tasting of the Quoin Rock Big 5 at roughly R300.  

Ideal for: Wine and cocktail lovers. Qbar is the perfect place for anyone living in Johannesburg who is looking for an exclusive wine tasting experience synonymous with the Winelands while enjoying a simple yet scrumptious meal to complement the beverage options. The elegant, intimate and sophisticated design of the bar makes for a perfect setting to invite friends for an afternoon of wine tasting while socialising or a great date night location.  

Order this: C-grade beef fillet served with a chimichurri sauce is best paired with a red wine of your choice that ranges between roughly R250-R275 a glass. The meat is light and delicate with the sauce adding a fresh, herbaceous yet pungent flavour with a sour vinegar-induced taste. For something sweet try the chocolate tart made with peanut butter and sea salt ice cream. A simple, smooth and tasty dessert option.   

Signature bev: For something sweet, strong and flirty try the Quoin Rock Pink Tonic made with pink gin infused with garlic buchu, pine needles and juniper berries that add a fruity citrus flavour to the drink.  

You’ll like it if: You enjoy a simple, special and unique dining experience that is curated for wine enthusiasts or anyone interested in exploring wine. If you aren’t able to experience spending an afternoon on a wine farm enjoying a delicious meal paired with a suitable wine then Qbar is for you.   

The Friday mood is: Fine like a glass of wine. With a generous wine and cocktail selection to choose from, Qbar is the perfect place to get dolled up or decked out for an elegant afternoon or evening of good food and great drinks. You’ll definitely need more wine. 

Address: 199 Oxford Rd, Dunkeld, Randburg, 2196
Social media: @qbar_johannesburg on Instagram