/ 20 May 2023

Coco Safar brings its sublime menu to Johannesburg

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If you live in or around Johannesburg, you’ve probably started pulling on your warmest trench coat, heaviest boots and layers of clothing before heading out. 

As winter has arrived faster than we anticipated, it seems our desire to be social has diminished. Being home wrapped under a cosy blanket with knee-high socks on sounds like a way better idea. 

But what if you could experience  similar comfort and still manage to keep your social life going? 

Going from splendid views of the Atlantic at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to The Zone in the booming and bustling Rosebank precinct, Coco Safar has recently opened its doors in Johannesburg. And what a luxury coffee experience it offers. 

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but, if you’re looking to get the best out of this simple yet chic eatery a brunch date is ideal. 

Ranked by American magazine Food & Wine last year as one of the best spots in the world to get the perfect croissant, alongside establishments in Paris, Tokyo and Melbourne, eating one here is a must. 

Coco Safar’s aesthetic is uncomplicated. There’s no extravagance when it comes to the overall design but the wooden tables, touches of gold, the greenery and floral elements elevate the dining experience. The soft lighting creates an intimate and cosy atmosphere and the hanging fittings add a touch of luxury.  

This is not what you might expect from an eatery at The Zone, surrounded as it is by vibrant, lively spots such as Mamasamba, Fugazzi and Proud Mary. 

An attractive feature of Coco Safar is that there is a bakery inside it where you can quickly grab a tasty treat and be on your way. 

The selection of teas and coffee beans is awesome for caffeine lovers. 

Ideal for: Impressing a client during a business meeting or a brunch date with friends. Although Coco Safar offers an intimate setting that can work for a first date, the sophisticated feel of the restaurant makes it an even better venue to conduct a meeting or catch up with friends. 

Order this: The croissant Benedict. The pastry has a crispy exterior yet a soft, fluffy interior and fresh taste as you bite into it. It’s stuffed with lamb bacon, a poached egg, roasted tomato and hollandaise sauce. 

Signature bev: Keep it simple with a delightful blended cappuccino, if the weather is chilly, or freshly squeezed orange juice to give you a boost during the day if the sun’s come out to play. 

You’ll like this eatery if: You have a sweet tooth. Coco Safar is pastry heaven! Although they do serve burgers, seafood and pastas, the real star of the show is the delicious desserts and, of course, the highly acclaimed croissants, which are served with a variety of dishes. 

Location: Shop EG08, The Zone, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Social media: @cocosafar on Instagram / Coco Safar SA on Facebook