/ 10 November 2023

Sjava has his sights set on a Grammy

Sjava 2 Jpeg (1)
Authentic sound: Sjava, who hails from the Drakensberg area of KwaZulu-Natal, released his third studio album ‘Isibuko’ in January. Photo: Gift Dick Banda

South Africans, curb your enthusiasm — we’re not voting for a Sjava Grammy nomination just yet.

Sjava, real name Jabulani Hadebe, recently posted on Instagram hinting at a Grammy consideration for his third studio album Isibuko.

Released in January 2023, Isibuko had reached an impressive 42.61 million streams by July. The album delves into themes of love, self-reflection, challenges and triumphs. It has a timeless quality, reflecting various moments in the lives of South Africans, offering an array of songs for every mood. 

The exciting announcement by Sjava led to an outpouring of congratulations from fans, some even enquiring about the voting process. 

But Sjava clarified, saying, “It’s not a nomination; it’s a consideration. If I do get nominated, I would be excited.”

But what exactly is a Grammy consideration?

It is a promotional effort embraced by musicians, record labels and music industry professionals, also known as the “for your consideration”, or FYC, campaign. 

It aims to raise awareness of, and endorse, music and artists for potential Grammy nominations. This involves distributing promotional material, including music, videos and other content, to Grammy voters, industry insiders and influencers, encouraging them to consider the submitted work for Grammy nominations. 

FYC campaigns are designed to highlight the quality and merit of a specific recording or artist in the hope of securing nominations across the various Grammy categories.

Sjava has submitted his work for Grammy consideration under the Best African Music Performance category. The process is only in its early stages but South Africans are hoping that he progresses all the way.

Sjava is part of a growing number of African musicians solidifying their presence on international platforms, representing South Africa with pride. 

Notably, this isn’t Sjava’s first venture onto the international stage — he claimed the Best New International Act award at America’s BET Awards in 2018.

While holding thumbs for a Sjava Grammy nomination, fans can look forward to the Imbizo Music Concert, scheduled for November 11, 2023, at the Carnival City Big Top Arena in Gauteng.

“I am beyond excited to host the second instalment of the Imbizo Music Concert, where we can come together and celebrate the richness of African music and culture. 

“This concert is not just about entertainment, it’s about embracing our roots, our stories and our unity as Africans. Through music, we can bridge gaps and create lasting connections,” Sjava says.

An imbizo refers to a traditional gathering where people are summoned by a king or tribal leader, making it a fitting title for the event.

Aside from Sjava’s performance, the Imbizo Music Concert will feature an array of entertainment. Expect to be enthralled by Maskandi legend Shwi, rapper Big Zulu, as well as Maskandi and Afro-soul talents such as Mzukulu, Nomfundo Moh, Mnqobi Yazo, Mlindo the Vocalist and Lwah Ndlunkulu. 

The Afro-pop duo Blaq Diamond will also share the stage with gifted singer-songwriter Aubrey Qwana.

This serves as an exciting buildup to Sjava’s one-man show Sjava Live in Mbombela, scheduled for December 9, 2023. 

Sjava emphasises that the Imbizo concert’s primary goal is to provide a memorable experience and a good time. “We want people to come and enjoy the music without causing any trouble,” he said.