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From order to chaos in a few seconds

The butterfly effect illuminates how even the slightest change in conditions can have massive ramifications down the line

Business: Forget empty Freedom Day platitudes, take action instead

It’s not enough to be colour blind, we must look at reality and act to stop racism

Democracy takes patience and participation from citizens

A message to South Africa from European friends for Freedom Day

Netf lix’s big bet may shift stereotypes

The streaming service’s move to foreign content and international viewers could upend the global mediascape and change how people view the world

Local story ticks the right boxes

A partnership between the National Film and Video Foundation and Netflix will see six South African films being premiered on the streaming service

Addicted to Twitter outrage

The Democratic Alliance is a cue for Twitter fury, but this diminishes intelligent political debate

An outsider’s perspective of South Africa’s revolutionary democracy

As Freedom Day approaches, an American reflects on how our history has become his too

Khaya Sithole: Drug firms addicted to profit, not cure

The opioid crisis in the US saw its beginnings in Big Pharma, one of which makes a Covid vaccine

Money can’t buy it all, Tokyo

As the wannabe president cuts loose, uBaba’s lawyers cut him loose, but other people’s money never dries up

The rot and rotten goings-on in Emfuleni municipality

The council doesn’t pay its bills, residents are subjected to electricity and water outages and the Vaal River is treated like a sewer but councillors get their salaries every month

Obituary to knowledge: Namibia high court sets fire to justice

The court’s judgment not to allow a father to bring his children home is a travesty

Leaders need to earn the moral authority to lead

Using power and hierarchy creates a culture of fear and discomfort – and no extraordinary customer service has ever been delivered from that type of environment

Rebuilding the SA economy more sustainably – and for greater impact

Covid-19 has devastated the economy, but it has also opened a window of opportunity for businesses

Gas to power: Who can halt the hot air?

Parliament should be asking the public what we think of Karpowerships before approaching the energy department about its deal

Government has a second chance to improve transparency efforts

The government’s recent commitments to the Open Government Partnership fall short of what is needed, but there is a chance to improve them

Resuscitate the public broadcaster

The SABC is simply too important to South Africa’s democracy for it to be gutted: we cannot allow it to die

Paddy Harper’s on the Rastazenica vaccine

Thursday. It’s Day 385 of the Covid-19 lockdown. Like most of my fellow South Africans, I’m wondering when, if ever, it will be my turn to...

Alcohol lobby’s data is wobbly

A recent report by the alcohol industry contradicting established research and should be thoroughly questioned

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