Academic bullying in the sciences, an international perspective

It is important to support victims of bullying in academic life and help them become less dependent on potential bullies

Iman Rappetti: Saving your tears doesn’t save you

We are so adept at bottling our emotions and storing them that we ignore the implications.

Jews are not obliged to support Zionism and the policies of the Israeli government

One cannot choose one’s race or nationality, but one can choose one’s political views and live by those choices

What’s driving hunger in Gauteng, South Africa’s economic power house

Vulnerable families depend on the delivery of essential services and safety nets to survive

Winter’s frigid embrace awaits us

As we enjoy the last few weeks of autumn with its bright colours, remember that the rigours of winter are just around the corner

Street traders play a vital role in South Africa: How their rights can be protected

The South African informal economy accounts for 17% of employment. Street trading is the largest, and sells a vast range of products.

Islamic marriage law and what it would mean for couples if the Muslim Marriages Bill is passed

The bill was approved more than a decade ago and, if passed into law, would afford married Muslim couples greater protection

The UK’s plan to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda is 21st-century imperialism

Moving unwanted arrivals out of sight grants political footholds to richer nations in host regions

A more nuanced energy conversation is needed

Liquified natural gas needs to be part if SA’s energy mix particularly with the electricity grid being under so much pressure

Struck by columnist’s remorse: Ramaphosa shouldn’t have listened to me

I dodged it for two years, but the virus found me – right after I’d criticised the president for not lifting restrictions yet

To save our planet we have to speak loudly, act boldly at COP-27

COP-27 will be held in Africa and will provide an opportunity to table some important concerns about issues affecting the health of our world and its environment.

OPINION | Not all business owners are equal

Value is subjective. Things have no intrinsic value but to the degree that someone desires the

OPINION | eThekwini refugees ordered back to flood-prone, damaged transit camp

Many of the flood victims were former residents of Mega Village informal settlement, on the banks of the Umlaas Canal, who lost everything in the floods of 2019

OPINION| Are some rights more equal than others?

There’s a tendency to blame the Constitution for not rectifying the nasty twins of poverty and inequality, but it and the courts cannot build houses, schools and a strong economy

OPINION| Why won’t parliament and Gwede Mantashe listen to mining communities?

The mining resources parliamentary portfolio committee and the department have continued to ignore the interests and rights of communities affected by mining

OPINION| China is retooling the capitalist paradigm

The forms of capitalism adopted in the West and in economies such as China are influenced by how early or late those polities were in coming to the game

Khaya Koko: Hold the press! War correspondent Steenhuisen is on the move

Joe Biden might have been the butt of Trevor Noah’s jokes, but he had a better weekend than his counterpart here in South Africa

Behind the scenes of advocate Dan Teffo’s arrest

The events last Thursday suggest top management of the police service will stop at nothing to smother Dan Teffo.