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Local government elections: Dear ANC, look before you leap

In love, as in politics, look before you leap

Mzwanele Manyi: The Zindzi Mandela of our time

If Jacob Zuma is our Nelson Mandela, what does that leave Mzwanele Manyi?

Civil society steps in to fight SA’s ‘hidden hunger’ revealed by Covid-19

The healthy-food famine does not fit stereotypical images of need, yet it can be addressed creatively

Resilience is forged in the crucible of crisis

Some countries are placing the state at the centre to battle the problems caused by Covid-19 rather than relying solely on the markets

Food is not a commodity, it’s a fundamental right

We need collective action to reach a zero-hunger world

Why is Jacob Zuma still so popular?

The former president and the ‘RET’ faction will not bring the changes South Africa sorely needs

Editorial: Despite Zuma saga, the law will prevail

We must hold faith that law will prevail

Digital multitasking sends our brains into overdrive

Increased pressure being placed on our cognitive abilities and continuous exposure to digital technologies affect employees’ attention span

Constitutional triumph on matrimonial property rights

Access to land ownership and property rights is inextricably linked to self-determination.

Action can dignify this tribute to Babita Deokaran, and whistleblowers everywhere

The president himself should halt the national malady of covering up corruption, whose origins can be traced to a key moment for the ANC in 1996

Afghan women face threat of a new age of darkness

The Taliban must respect women’s rights if it is serious about fostering economic development

The Children’s Amendment Bill still leaves many children behind

In its current form, the Bill fails to address issues that early childhood development practitioners have long been grappling with

Encoding and decoding social unrest: A semiotic analysis of the ‘Zuma protests’

Labelling the protestors as looters denies the political consciousness of those living in precarity, it unconscionably encodes a criminal stereotype over the poor and erases any justice claims that motivate their actions

Geostrategic fault lines show up at the annual Brics summit

While the summit leaders solemnly swear that they are singing off the same struggle song sheet towards progressive development, the bloc’s leaders’ solidarity is mostly skin-deep

Local government elections: The freaks come out to play

Local government is about cutting the grass and filling potholes, not about the death penalty and prayer in schools

Editorial: Stopping suicide is a collective challenge

As a society, we must help everyone, particularly young people, to develop coping skills

South Africa needs more black corporate guerillas

A lack of meaningful transformation will undermine the country’s progress and democratic order

Marriages of inconvenience: the fraught politics of coalitions in South Africa

A new book, Marriages of Inconvenience: The Politics of Coalitions in South Africa, takes a forward-looking view of the country politics but also a historical one