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Bop defiance put on hold

The ANC has deffered the issue of political activity in Bophuthatswana to the TEC rather than risk a masscare -- or upset negotiations with the FA.

Sanctions go but US cash won’t flood in

Nelson Mandela is expected to call for an end to sanctions when he addressed the UN general assembly later today.

UK activists to revive sanctions

Archbishop Trevor Huddleston confirmed that most SA church leaders had agreed to lead a new campaign of civil defiance against the government.

The koeksuster tannies of the ANC?

Mark Gevisser examines the aspirations of the organisation on the eve of its first national conference.

Maharaj steps down from leadership of ANC, SACP

​Mac Maharaj has retired from the central committee and internal leadership group of the South African Communist Party, it was revealed yesterday.

FW sets a tough poser for the ANC

By moving far - but not as far as expected – FW lands the ANC with a hard choice.

CP leaders haven’t seen that ‘ANC plot’ document

The African National Congress has denied knowledge or a much-publicised ''secret'' document detailing a plot to assassinate rightwing leaders.

They’re here! ANC team jets in

Intelligence chief Zuma slips in quietly ... with more executives due on Sunday.

ANC chiefs in SA next month

The ANC's national executive committee is planning to travel to South Africa for a meeting with the United Democratic Front within the next month.

ANC in secret UK talks with SA

African National Congress and South African government representatives held a round of preliminary talks in London last weekend.

ANC history simplified and timely

Holland has said in an interview that <i>The Struggle</i> is intended for South African whites; her aim is to “de-demonise" the ANC.

FW to the ANC: Let’s talk

The first meeting between the government and the African National Congress is on.

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