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Meet the scientists tracking Covid-19’s crappy future

Water in the country’s drains can pick up a spike in Covid-19 cases or a threatening new variant in time for clinics to prepare for an influx of patients

Burn them — that’s what happens to expired Covid vaccines

Vaccines don’t last forever. When they reach their expiration date, the jabs need to be disposed of in a way that ensures they aren’t retrievable. A waste management company explains how this is done

Covid-19 worsens plight of stateless migrant children in South Africa

Programmes that integrate into society are non-existent and since migration management is reactive in outlook, migrants self-select into available social networks.

SA Trust partners with community foundations to overcome challenges posed by Covid-19 pandemic

Grants that were donated during lockdown kept the doors open for many community-based organisations

Covid-19 escalates xenophobia in South Africa – Report

Politicians have increasingly come under scrutiny for their alleged inflammatory comments which have been taken as endorsement by anti-foreigner activists

What the latest Covid-19 stats can tell us — and what they can’t

Covid-19 figures have never captured the full extent of the pandemic, and the numbers are becoming less useful because fewer people are testing

Africa needs a billion Covid vaccines, but supply is slowing down

Data collected by Unicef shows an alarming drop-off in shipments arriving in the continent since the start of 2022

Covid-19 corruption-busting judge is the new Special Tribunal president

Judge Lebogang Modiba, who has seized more than R500-million in alleged PPE graft, replaces Judge Mlindelwa Gidfonia Makhanya

Eastern Cape mountain village comes back to life as Covid eases

The lockdowns interrupted villagers’ communal lives. Lidudumalingani returned to his home village of Zikhovane to photograph the effect of the pandemic

Covid exposes Zimbabwe’s orphan emergency

The country already has hundreds of thousands of children orphaned by Aids and social services cannot cope with numbers boosted by the pandemic

Mia Malan: Eight lessons the Covid pandemic taught me about journalism

During a crisis such as the Covid pandemic, people have simple demands of the media: how to protect themselves, which government rules they have to follow and what the future holds

More questions remain on saga of Cuba’s Covid-19 drug Heberon, Modise says

The defence minister said South Africa could not accept the return of vials of the drug it had loaned back to Cuba until it could follow due process

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