/ 12 April 2023

Creality unveils revolutionary K1 series and celebrates milestone ninth anniversary 


Creality, a global pioneer in 3D printing, is proud to celebrate its ninth anniversary today. Over the past nine years, Creality has revolutionised the 3D printing industry with its cutting-edge technology and innovative products such as the CR-10 and Ender-3 series FDM printers, expanding its footprint to more than 100 countries and regions, and favoured by more than 3.5 million users worldwide. 

To mark this special occasion and further democratise 3D printing technology, Creality is excited to launch its latest products that take the user experience to new heights. At the ninth Anniversary and Spring Event titled “Reflect and Renew”, Creality launched the K1 series, HALOT-MAGE series, Sermoon D3 Pro, Creality Falcon2 40W, CR-Scan Ferret, Creality Nebula Pad+AI LiDAR and other accessories, all featuring intelligence and high speed. Alongside new products, Creality also launched a series of 3D printed footwear solutions for users embracing changes and futuristic fashions.  

“3D printing has long been favoured by those with an engineering background who love coding, modelling, and tinkering. But for others who also want to turn their creativities into realities, operating a 3D printer still requires a steep learning curve — and this is what we aim to solve,” said Ao Danjun, CEO of Creality. “Leave the complexity to ourselves, and give the simplicity to users is our understanding of being user-centric. Our development of high-speed intelligent 3D printers will by no means stop here, and we have already planned for a future where every home can enjoy the convenience of 3D printing technology.”

At the ceremony the following offerings were announced:

K1 series – the king of speed

Creality’s FDM flagship K1 series, including K1 and K1 Max, is a professional-grade CoreXY 3D printer lineup that boasts a printing speed up to 600mm/s and a build volume of up to 300*300*300 mm. It features an innovative motion system, which uses a lightweight printhead weighing just 190g to ensure swift movement. Data from the Creality Lab shows that K1 series ramps up to the top speed 600mm/s in only 0.03s at an acceleration of 20000mm/s2, and printing a 3DBenchy only costs 13 minutes, 12 times faster than the average. 

It comes equipped with a new generation of Creality OS that runs on a 2-core 1.2GHz CPU, providing strong computing power for high-speed printing. With a network connection, the K1 series can be controlled or monitored remotely from Creality Print or Creality Cloud. Cluster control is also allowed when many K1 series printers are online. Once the printing is finished or a printing issue is detected, a notification will be sent to the user’s phone or PC.

The slicing software is crucial for high-speed printing, and the K1 series utilises Creality Print 4.3, a new generation of self-developed slicing software optimising nozzle movement and adding more algorithms to raise efficiency. 

For print bed levelling, the K1 Max in particular utilises dual hands-free auto levelling. One way to level is with an array of strain sensors. Another way is to level with 1μm AI LiDAR, a new type of non-contact measurement method that rapidly scans the build surface with a laser beam to form a virtual surface of a million points. Each of the two levelling methods ensures good levelling, and when combined, it has never been easier to achieve perfect levelling and print a perfect first layer. 

The K1 Max also features an AI camera in the print chamber, allowing print monitoring in real-time with 1080p resolution. For K1 users, the AI camera and AI LiDAR can be purchased separately. Both the K1 and K1 Max employ G-sensors to solve the resonance issue and eliminate ringing or ghosting patterns on the surface of models caused by high-speed printing.

The K1 and K1 Max are available for presale at Creality Official Stores.

HALOT-MAGE series – new era for smart resin printing

The HALOT-MAGE series, including the HALOT-MAGE and HALOT-MAGE PRO, is Creality’s next-gen solution for smart resin printing. The HALOT-MAGE PRO is one of the fastest resin 3D printers on the market custom-made for miniatures, jewellery, dentistry, crafts, etc. With a printing speed up to 170mm/s, it is three to five times faster than other printers while maintaining excellent print quality. 

The HALOT-MAGE PRO features an agile “Dynax” motion system, through which the build plate can be steadily lifted and lowered in just 1.2 seconds, then is ready for printing the next layer. Besides the hardware, with the self-developed motor algorithm, the motor speed can achieve 100mm/s, which upgrades the printing speed from a software perspective. The next iteration of HALOT BOX slicing software adds solid support to the models.

This printer also includes a large 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen for more refined print quality. Creality’s latest resin technology — Integral Light Source 3.0 — promises consistent quality regardless of where the print is placed on the build plate. Users can operate this printer remotely via WiFi or RJ45 cable and take advantage of smart features such as auto resin fill & withdrawal, smart air purifier, and a replaceable activated carbon filter for a more efficient printing experience.

The “MageArch” flip lid of the HALOT-MAGE PRO is easy to open and close with one hand and needless to place aside. The orange tint is practical to block 99.89% of ambient UV light for minimal interference.

The HALOT-MAGE, an affordable smart resin printer for miniature makers to unleash their creativity, and features a 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen with an air purification system and the “MageArch” flip lid.

Sermoon D3 Pro – Solid performance and high productivity 

The Sermoon D3 Pro inherited the industrial-grade stability of the Sermoon D3 released last year. It features a printing speed up to 300mm/s, characteristics such as LAN printing, and compatibility with various materials, making it suitable for industrial production, prototyping, and education.

The Sermoon D3 Pro uses a dual extrusion system that adds support printing capability while ensuring stable support structures. It has undergone rigorous validation and supports over 20 types of materials, such as water-soluble and metal filaments, and over 30 material combinations.

The Sermoon D3 Pro’s active heating function improves print quality, while the constant temperature chamber design effectively eliminates internal model deformation. It also uses an intelligent automatic levelling system that only requires one button press to complete, saving time and effort.

Creality has also partnered with BASF Forward AM to release a metal and support printing additive manufacturing solution based on FDM technology for the Sermoon D3 Pro. Using BASF’s metal & support filaments and global sintering service, together with the Sermoon D3 Pro 3D printer, this solution can save users half of the sample printing time and improve production efficiency by over 80%.

Creality Ecosystem offerings

Creality Falcon2 40W: Creality Falcon2 40W is so far the most powerful laser engraver in Creality’s lineup. Equipped with groundbreaking features such as Dynamic Spot Size Adjustment, which adjusts the spot size automatically according to engraving and cutting requirements, it can cut through 20mm wood board and 0.15mm stainless steel in one pass at speed up to 25 000mm/min. It also supports colour engraving and air assist with a smart monitoring system and upgraded safeguards.

CR-Scan Ferret: The CR-Scan Ferret is a 3D scanner designed to make modelling easy and accessible to everyone. With its efficient ASIC chip, full-colour camera, and structured light, the Ferret produces high-quality scans even in bright sunlight. The Ferret’s handhold stand allows for both handheld and turntable modes, making it ideal for scanning small and large objects. Weighing only 105g, the Ferret is compact, easy to carry, and the perfect tool for creating stunning 3D models with ease. 

Creality Nebula Pad+AI LiDAR: The Nebula Pad is an all-in-one smart interactive terminal allowing faster, higher-quality printing anytime, anywhere. Paired with the AI LiDAR, it can achieve auto-levelling, first-layer detection and filament flow monitoring, significantly improving the print quality and print success rate. Additionally, when paired with a 1080P USB camera with night vision (for separate purchase), the Nebula Pad can provide 24-hour monitoring and time-lapse photography to capture the entire printing process and detect spaghetti issues.

3D printed footwear solution – unleash your style

For the first time, Creality unveils a series of one-stop FDM 3D printed footwear solutions for users who embrace changes and futuristic fashions. Creality developed a professional-grade “Sprite” extruder for soft materials with a series of 3D footwear models. This package caters to those seeking personalised footwear design, such as street fashion enthusiasts, and also suits medical institutions that want to print custom diabetic-friendly shoes and orthotic insoles.

200 pairs of 3D printed shoes are demonstrated on stage at the ceremony, and a footwear model design contest is being held to encourage users to submit their works via Creality Cloud and liberate their imagination. 

Creality 9th anniversary sale

From April 10 to April 15, Creality’s Official Amazon Store will launch an anniversary sale. For more details, visit: https://www.amazon.com/-/zh/stores/Creality/page/5E501845-96D9-4BF6-8DD9-0F9793ECA543