/ 14 August 2023

Xiaomi TV Box S and 2K TV Stick

High-quality streaming meets unbeatable convenience

Do you want to improve your existing TV setup? The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen provides a real upgrade for most TVs that are currently on the market, including 4k streaming, which surpasses the resolution of both SD and HD streaming, and produces exceptionally clear visuals.

The Xiaomi TV Stick is another great addition to your existing setup, providing you with the opportunity to take your favourite TV programmes with you on holiday — just slip it into your pocket. You can also upgrade that older TV in the kids’ bedroom or your guest room, so they can enjoy access to all their favourite shows online, without needing to fork out on the cost of a brand-new Smart TV.

It’s a no-brainer choice if your current streaming devices are a bit outdated and their performance has begun to deteriorate. They may be losing access or support to your favourite streaming platforms or no longer support your apps of choice, which can create a really frustrating experience when you’re hoping to binge watch a new show.

Why is a Xiaomi streaming device your best choice? Well, you don’t have to go out and buy or upgrade a flatscreen that breaks the bank, and you simply won’t find better prices anywhere else for similar products. The XTV Box S 2nd Gen has a recommended retail price of just R1 199, while the Xiaomi TV Stick retails for only R949.

Both devices will blow your sock off with the latest high performance, quality Dolby audio and video. The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen has Dolby Vision, which optimises the images to the device you are streaming on, while Dolby Atmos ensures that you get the best performance from your speakers. Expect crystal-clear images with HDR10+ and a full range of sound. The Xiaomi TV Stick has Dolby DTS, capable of delivering quality sound to home theatre systems.

Kerryn, a satisfied customer who bought the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen in June, writes in a review: “I have been thinking about buying a TV box to make my TV smart for over a year and finally decided to get the Xiaomi over all other options after doing A LOT of inquiry and research. AND I am thoroughly satisfied. Good quality, easy setup, great clarity, sound, and functionality.”

Xiaomi is a global top three Android phone brand with full access to Google Mobile Services, so if you buy the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen you get Google certification, which includes, among others, Google TV, Google Assistant and Google Play Store for app downloads. You also get Chromecast — so your favourite shows such as Netflix and YouTube are built in for you to watch in 4K quality on your TV or big screen, and you’ll also get regular firmware updates. The Xiaomi TV Stick has Android TV, which provides streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and Apple TV.

The size of the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen and Xiaomi TV Stick is really advantageous for users. The box is less than 10cm wide and weighs 145g, and the stick is even tinier,  almost like a USB thumb stick, and fits neatly into your pocket. In addition to serving as a multimedia solution for your smart home, they are so small that you can easily take them with you to the office or on holiday. As an on-the-go solution they are unbeatable — just plug them in and play. They even respond to voice commands, so you never have to leave your seat, but they come with remotes if you prefer to push buttons.

Sit back and relax. Top quality streaming is now available, for a price that most South Africans can afford. Don’t wait: the demand is high!

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen has a RRP of R1 199

The Xiaomi TV Stick has a RRP of R949

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