/ 17 November 2023

Adult education for professional growth

Wits Plus

Lifelong learning is no longer just a choice; it has become a necessity

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Technology advances, industry disruptions, and evolving business landscapes all demand that working adults stay ahead of the curve.

The demand for lifelong learning has never been greater as we continually strive to enhance our skills, knowledge, and competencies to remain competitive in an ever-evolving job market. This need for continuous professional development has given rise to the popularity of short learning programmes, which offer tailored solutions to address the specific needs of individuals.

Unlike traditional education, where one earns a degree and moves on, lifelong learning is by definition an ongoing process. It’s about staying current, adapting to change, and acquiring new skills throughout one’s career.

Let’s explore the importance of short learning programmes and how Wits Plus plays a pivotal role in helping companies and individuals identify and access these programmes.

Advantages of short learning programmes

Short learning programmes have gained immense popularity for several reasons:

  • Focused learning: short programmes are designed to address specific skills or knowledge gaps. This focused approach ensures that participants gain practical, applicable knowledge in a relatively short time.
  • Flexibility: these programmes cater to the busy schedules of working adults. With options for online, part-time, and evening classes, individuals can fit learning into their lives without sacrificing their careers.
  • Cost-efficiency: short programmes are typically more affordable than traditional degrees. This accessibility allows individuals from various backgrounds to invest in their professional growth.
  • Immediate impact: the condensed nature of short programmes means that participants can quickly apply what they’ve learned in their workplace, delivering immediate value to their employers.
  • Customisation: short programmes can be tailored to meet specific industry needs, making them an excellent choice for professionals seeking targeted training.

Needs analysis: A personalised approach

Wits Plus recognises the importance of short learning programmes in today’s educational landscape and that each individual’s professional development needs are unique.

The journey to lifelong learning begins with a thorough understanding of your professional needs. Wits Plus employs a needs analysis process that considers your career goals, current skillset and industry demands. This personalised approach ensures that the short learning programme you choose aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

Bespoke training for diverse fields

Wits Plus, as part of the University of the Witwatersrand, offers a wide range of short learning programmes across various fields, catering to the diverse needs of adult learners. The extensive portfolio of programmes includes project management, finance, marketing, corporate governance and language courses, among others.

So, whether you are in commerce and business, looking to sharpen your leadership skills, or seeking to enhance your language proficiency, Wits Plus has you covered. Wits Plus offers tailored, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to address the professional development needs of individuals as well as groups of employees.

Lifelong learning is no longer just a choice; it has become a necessity. Embrace the power of short learning programmes, and let Wits Plus guide you on your path to success. Your career will thank you for it!

You can apply now to study any of the Wits Plus business-focused short courses in 2024.

For more information, visit: https://www.wits.ac.za/part-time/short-courses/