/ 1 December 2023

How to download Spotify music to your phone

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Enjoy your favourite songs uninterrupted, without depending on an internet connection

With the advent of technology, streaming music has become the mainstream lifestyle for millions across the globe. Among all the music streaming platforms, Spotify often takes centre stage, with its robust algorithm and well-curated playlists. While download music on Spotify on a computer is a fantastic experience, sometimes we want music at our fingertips, irrespective of our internet connection. This short article will show you how to download Spotify music to your phone.

This article is your go-to guide on how to optimise your Spotify experience by downloading your beloved songs directly on your phone, enabling you to listen to your favourite hits anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Get Spotify Premium

The first step to download music on Spotify involves upgrading to Spotify Premium. Spotify has two subscription structures: Free and Premium. While the Free service offers a majority of Spotify’s functionality, only Premium allows offline listening. The service is relatively affordable and also removes all ads from the app.

Step 2: Connect to WiFi

Spotify Premium allows you to download music directly to your device, but remember, music streaming and downloading can consume a significant amount of data. To prevent yourself from draining your data package, make sure you’re connected to a reliable WiFi network when proceeding to download music on Spotify.

Step 3: Make your playlist

After migrating to Premium and connecting to WiFi, it’s time to personalise your music experience. You can either create your own playlist or save your favourite albums. Spotify also offers a “create a playlist” feature, where you can mix different songs from various artists and albums according to your taste.

Step 4: Download your playlist

Once you’ve created your playlist, directly navigate to it. You’ll notice a “Download” switch at the top of the playlist. Toggle it on, and your playlist will start to download by this Spotify playlist downloader. Downloading may take a few minutes depending on how many songs are in your playlist and the speed of your internet connection.

Step 5: Confirm your download

After the download is completed, a green arrow icon will appear next to each song. This arrow indicates that the song is saved to your device for offline listening.

Step 6: Offline Mode

Finally, to fully ensure that you’re not using any data to play your downloaded songs, remember to set Spotify to Offline Mode. Navigate to settings and turn on the “Offline Mode” switch to prevent any data usage.

Step 7: Enjoy your music!

With that done, you’re all set! The songs downloaded from Spotify Premium are available for offline listening whenever and wherever you please.

While many music streaming services are available today, Spotify’s extensive collection and enhanced user interface set it apart. 

The ability to easily download music on Spotify is just the cherry on top. Enjoy your favourite songs uninterrupted, without the dependence on an internet connection.

This guide should make the process of downloading music on Spotify effortless for you and pave the way for a smooth auditory journey. So go ahead and lounge back, plug your earphones in, hit play, and drift away in the ethereal world of music, only with Spotify.