/ 26 January 2024

MathsUp promises affordable maths tuition for South Africans

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Qualified maths teachers use innovative technology to offer affordable education to students from grades 5 -12 on this new tutoring startup

Since the onset of Covid-19, the educational landscape in South Africa has brimmed with opportunities for innovation. As tutors and academic institutions pivoted to online formats, the market caught the attention of international players eager to capitalise on the shift. Enter MathsUp, a dynamic new startup in the realm of online education. Poised to transform the tutoring industry, MathsUp offers affordable, quality tuition underpinned by a roster of South Africa’s top teachers.

Catering to students in grades 5 – 12, MathsUp is establishing a unique foothold in South Africa’s tutoring market, distinguishing itself from competing sites, which are known for their one-on-one tutoring models at premium prices. In stark contrast, MathsUp’s exclusive focus on online group tutoring allows it to leverage economies of scale, significantly reducing costs and making quality education more accessible at under R300 per month.

“By leveraging the power of technology and a network of experienced teachers, we’ve managed to reduce operational costs without compromising on the quality of education,” said Sylvester, MathsUp co-founder. “Quality education should be accessible to everyone. This efficiency translates to more affordable prices for our customers, making quality maths tutoring within reach for families across various socio-economic backgrounds.”

A key differentiator for MathsUp is its comprehensive and rigorous tutor hiring process, ensuring that each educator meets high standards of proficiency and teaching quality. By combining this approach with the efficiency of online group sessions, MathsUp positions itself not just as an affordable option, but as a leader in delivering exceptional educational value in South Africa.

“We saw a gap in the market for high-quality yet affordable maths tutoring,” explains Eimantas, CEO of MathsUp. “Our solution is a highly standardised tutor selection process, and using technology to bridge this gap, making education more accessible and inclusive.”

MathsUp’s approach is multifaceted: it offers not only live tutoring sessions but also additional resources such as lesson recordings and different learning programs, ensuring comprehensive support for its students. This model resonates strongly with South African families, particularly those from moderate-income backgrounds who have been underserved by the traditional educational system.

“More than 1 100 families have already enrolled since our launch in May 2023,” says Eimantas, CEO of MathsUp. “While we had some families who didn’t like the online format, 87% of our students enjoyed staying home and accessing these highly qualified tutors. We’re not just providing a service; we’re empowering the next generation of learners.”

As South Africa continues to navigate the challenges of educational inequality, MathsUp’s approach presents a beacon of hope. The startup not only addresses the immediate need for affordable tutoring but also contributes to the broader conversation about educational reform in the country.

For more information about MathsUp and its mission to transform maths education in South Africa, visit www.mathsup.co.za