/ 8 March 2024

Centre for Environmental Rights Impact Report shortlisted for creative award

Cer Creative Pool For Web

The report secured second place in the people’s choice category – a testament to its design appeal and engaging content

In the second half of 2023, the first impact report in over a decade from the Centre for Environmental Rights (CER) was shortlisted for a prestigious creative award. Designed by The Ethical Agency, this compelling project was recognised by CreativePool’s 2023 Annual in the Publishing category.

While the Centre for Environmental Rights did not clinch the top spot, the project’s recognition speaks volumes about its significance and quality. The impact report secured second place in the people’s choice category, a testament to its design appeal and engaging content. 

Who is CER?

CER is a pivotal organisation dedicated to defending the rights of communities and civil society to a healthy environment for present and future generations. Through litigation, advocacy and support, the CER strives for environmental justice and the flourishing of all individuals and the planet.

How does The Ethical Agency approach marketing in the digital landscape? 

The Ethical Agency has been a steadfast collaborator with the Centre for Environmental Rights, contributing expertise in digital marketing and design to various projects. With a portfolio boasting world-class publications for esteemed clients such as The World Bank, The South African Presidency, and the Mail & Guardian, TEA brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every endeavour.

“Marketing successfully through digital channels is simpler than it is often portrayed: if you put the necessary effort into orchestrating a positive, user-focussed experience at key contact  points, people are going to effortlessly engage with your brand. Naturally, this drives brand awareness, conversions and ROI,” says Brett Jefferson, CEO and creative director, The Ethical Agency.

How do they achieve that?

The Ethical Agency, a digital marketing agency based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, is an expert brand consulting, graphic design, and web development agency.  Their goal is to help grow and scale your business, provide digital solutions to problems you didn’t know you had, and to always under-promise and over-deliver.

Other digital marketing clients that The Ethical Agency services

The Ethical Agency provides a range of digital marketing services to a variety of clients including The Presidential Climate Commission, The Presidential Youth Intervention, GreenCape, Water Integrity Network, Southern Hemisphere, Phoenix Group, The MBS Group, Ecolution Consulting, Bridges for Music, Just SA, White River Manor and African Impact Foundation.

For more information about TEA’s Publication Portfolio and services, please visit our website. Join us in celebrating creativity, innovation, and environmental advocacy as we continue to make a positive impact through our collaborative efforts.