/ 22 March 2024

Why Mac is the faster, better and safer choice for SMMEs

Istore Business Case Switch To Mac Image

A solid business case for making the move to Mac

If you’re thinking of moving your business to Mac, you’re in good company. 

A recent global report predicts a 20% switch to Mac in enterprise environments this year, while a survey by Parallels found that more than half of small to mid-sized businesses choose Mac.

But what are the real benefits of Mac, and just how easy and affordable is it to make the move? With the help of iStore Business, South Africa’s leading Apple Enterprise Solutions provider, let’s lay out a business case to help you on your way.

One: the case for a seamless transition

It’s easy to adapt from PC to Mac. Using Mac’s Migration Assistant, you can safely transfer your contacts, calendars, email accounts and more from your Windows PC during setup. Once you’re settled in, your Mac is ready for business, with a range of powerful, easy-to-use productivity and creativity apps, including Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and KeyNote for presentations.

Two: the case for optimal performance 

Forty years ago, Apple revolutionised personal computing with the introduction of the Mac. Now, comes the new generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The M-Series Macs are powered by Apple’s radical silicon System on a Chip (SoC) processor, which integrates multiple components for optimum efficiency.

The result is a breakthrough in speed, performance, memory management, machine learning, and multitasking power.

Three: the case for compatibility

If your business runs Microsoft Office, don’t let that hold you back. So does Mac. 

Mac is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Teams, and thousands of other industry-standard apps.

You can even run Windows on a Mac, using virtualisation software. Or you can work in Apple’s own productivity apps — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — and export your documents into other formats with ease.

Four: the case for endurance

With their lightweight yet durable aluminium unibody construction, Mac is made to be used on the move. And when you’re out and about, in transit or in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is your battery running out.

So don’t worry. Thanks to intelligent power management and the unique integration of components on Apple’s all-in-one silicon chip, Mac can last up to 22 hours on a single charge. That should be more than enough to get you through the day, and keep up with your own energy levels.

Five: the case for security

When it comes to the safety and integrity of your precious data, Mac has your back, with rock-solid security features that shield you from intrusion, safeguard against malware, and encrypt and protect your data from unauthorised access. 

That’s why, in a survey by Jamf, more than three-quarters of organisations rated Mac as the most secure computing platform, right out of the box. 

Even if your Mac is lost or stolen, you can protect it remotely using Find My Mac and Activation Lock. Your business is your business. Mac keeps it that way,

Six: the case for value and ROI

Macs are in it for the long run. That’s because of their superior build, integrated hardware and software components, and years of system updates and support. In the long run, Macs are better value too.

The upfront costs of deploying Macs in a business are offset by far lower per-device costs for software, support and everyday running, says a report by Forrester.

On this basis, a Mac costs almost R16 000 less than a PC during a typical three-year lifecycle. Macs also provide significant residual value, with some organisations not needing to replace their devices until after more than five years of usage.

Seven: the case for affordability

With flexible financing from iStore Business, moving to Mac is easier than ever. All the more so if you choose the Business Rental programme, which offers free support for 90 days and the option of trading in your old devices to reduce your monthly repayments. 

Rental removes the need for an upfront outlay, and you can extend or upgrade at the end of the 24-month plan.

All rentals from iStore Business include setup, delivery, technical support and warranty. It’s the most affordable way to bring your business up to speed with Mac.

Eight: the case for a risk-free try-out

If you still need convincing, try this: iStore Business offers a risk-free “Buy and Try” option, which lets you try out a Mac of your choice for 60 days. That includes free tech support and a user training session.

If you’re not 100% satisfied that Mac will change the way you do business for the better, return your Mac for a full refund. 

That’s how confident iStore Business is that you and your team will fall in love with Mac!

For more information on tailored solutions from iStore Business, please visit https://www.istore.co.za/business.