/ 26 March 2024

Five ways the HONOR Magic V2 addresses consumer pain points regarding smartphone entertainment

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The Honor Magic MV2 is as thin a three credit cards.

Smartphones have become entertainment hubs, and the HONOR Magic V2 is your gateway to this immersive world

Ask anyone what’s the one thing they can’t live without — some will say their family and friends, the internet, or oxygen — but the most common answer? Their smartphone. 

Smartphones can easily be considered as one of the most innovative inventions of the Digital Age, because these devices are so much more than what they appear to be — they are used to work, study or facilitate a real-time connection to friends and family. But most of all, they provide a hub for on-the-go entertainment. 

In South Africa, consumers are beginning to follow the tech trend that has been dominating the globe over the past couple of years — they are seeking premium tech devices that offer top-notch features and capabilities that can address every pain point they have when it comes to entertainment. 

Global technology brand HONOR took a human-centric approach when it came to designing the latest HONOR Magic V2, gathering insights about what a consumer looks for in a smartphone when they use it for entertainment. After nearly two years of development and approximately 210 revolutionary breakthroughs, the Magic V2 was born. 

But what are the pain points consumers have, and how was HONOR able to tackle these concerns with the Magic V2?

Here are five issues HONOR identified:

The screen size affects video viewing
According to studies, catching up on the latest Netflix series is better on a bigger screen as it reduces eye strain. With a larger screen, consumers are able to see more detail and enjoy a wider field of view.

The HONOR Magic V2 features a ground-breaking 7.92-inch extended foldable display, transforming the smartphone to offer a tablet-like experience. Watching videos, series, or movies on the Magic V2 provides immersive viewing like never before, with a wider field of view.

During extended binge-watching sessions, HONOR’s 0-Risk Eye Comfort Display kicks in — which incorporates features such as 3840Hz PWM dimming, Dynamic Dimming and Circadian Night Display to effectively reduce fatigue and enhance eye comfort.

With vibrant display technology, consumers can stream HDR10+ content without losing out on quality. Plus, with Nanocrystal Glass 2.0 integration, a seamless touch experience and strong scratch resistance is guaranteed.

Multitasking is rare
Most non-foldable devices on the market do not offer the option of running multiple apps at once. Consumers today enjoy multitasking when it comes to consuming entertainment. Responding to texts or scrolling through social media while watching a YouTube video is the new norm.

The world’s thinnest, lightest, and most durable smartphone, the HONOR Magic V2 allows for split-screen multitasking when unfolded. It has advanced multitasking capabilities, such as the ability to have up to four apps on screen — two in split-screen and two more in smaller free-floating pop-out windows.

Gaming leads to the device overheating
Avid gamers know that smartphones, unless other specified as the perfect device for gaming, are not the best medium to enjoy playing high-quality, high-intensity games. Smartphones tend to start overheating as a result of having to increase the processing output of the device.

With a cutting-edge 120Hz LTPO display, the HONOR Magic V2 ensures smooth transitions, elevating user interaction. The impressive 90.4% screen-to-body ratio maximises display to create an enhanced gaming immersion.

The device also boasts a brightness factor of 2 500 nits for seamless visuals, and its 100$ DCI-P3 colour gamut delivers visual fidelity and colour accuracy. The HONOR Magic V2 is also equipped with an Ultra-Thin Bionic Cooling System, providing a heat dissipation area of 29 000mm squared, ensuring optimal performance during intense gaming sessions.

HONOR has also partnered with Gameloft to introduce an improved version of Asphalt 9: Legends, which is optimised for foldable smartphones. This marked the debut of the 120 FPS gameplay, providing a smoother, more responsive gaming experience.

Battery longevity
Consumers focus on two main points when it comes to choosing a smartphone: internet connectivity and battery life. A smartphone’s battery capability affects the user’s satisfaction with the device, because it influences how pleased they are with its performance, quality, and value. A longer-lasting battery means a satisfied customer.

To address this issue, HONOR has developed a specialised ultra-thin battery for the Magic V2. The HONOR Dual Silicon-Carbon Battery packs 5 000mAh of power into the foldable. Depending on usage, the Magic V2 can last up to 24 hours on single charge, or more than 13 hours for a binge-watching session. 

Devices don’t offer a hands-free experience
Consumers today can do almost everything on their smart devices, from working on documents to gaming to watching their favourite shows. But the downside is they almost always need to hold their device, and this can lead to conditions such as trigger thumb, sore hand muscle or carpal tunnel syndrome.

But with the HONOR Magic V2, consumers will be able to enjoy a hands-free viewing experience just by folding the device at an angle that allows it to stand on its own for convenient and enjoyable viewing. Thanks to the flexibility of the foldable display and the unique hinge mechanism, the Magic V2 can be folded and unfolded as many times as the consumer desires throughout the day. 

Discover the Magic with the all-new HONOR Magic V2, available in Black with vegan leather back. It retails for a recommended price of R39 999 at your nearest network providers.

For more information, please visit HONOR at https://www.hihonor.com/za/phones/honor-magic-v2/

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