/ 10 May 2024

Opening of new Science Teaching and Learning Centre at Delft Technical High School in the Western Cape

Delft Technical High School’s newly constructed Science Teaching and Learning Centre.

The WCED School of Choice Project in this instance provided the lion’s share of the funding

Members of Advancing Knowledge Non-Profit Company have been involved in the construction of Science Teaching and Learning Centres (Science TLCs), generally called science laboratories, at schools in the Western and Eastern Cape for more than a decade. The partnership with Garden Cities Archway Foundation and Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has produced 103 Science TLCs in the Western Cape alone. 


On Tuesday 30 April 2024 Science TLC number 104 was delivered at Delft Technical High School. The name of the Delft township in the Western Cape conjures up images in broader Cape Town, as the township has been associated with a serious economically deprived community, drugs, gangsterism and is even sometimes known the “murder capital” of South Africa.

However, one of the schools that stands out with exceptionally good matric results — with an over 90% pass rate in both science and mathematics — is Delft Technical High School. They have consistently produced good results, despite the challenging circumstances where the school is located. It is at this school that a brand-new Science Teaching and Learning Centre was constructed through the partnership of the three organisations, with the WCED School of Choice Project in this instance providing the lion’s share of the funding. Alan Meyer, who officially opened the Science TLC on behalf of WCED, promised further financial support to Delft Technical High School to ensure that the good work at the school is sustained.

The principal Ivor Rudolf proudly proclaimed: “It is through hard work on the side of our science and mathematics team of teachers and the leaders of the two subjects that the results at the school have consistently improved over the past years. The Science TLC is an example to every one of the rewards that follow such diligence”. 

Astrid Prins, Deputy Principal and Science HOD.

Astrid Prins, the deputy principal and science head of the school, as well as the custodian of the Science TLC, said that she cannot wait to utilise the facility: “If we can produce the good results without a science laboratory, imagine what we can achieve with this facility.”

Professor Shaheed Hartley indicated that the school’s young natural sciences team will be supported by his organisation and that the teachers will attend the Inquiry-Based Science Education training during May 2024 offered by Advancing Knowledge NPC. He challenged the science team to do better not just in the pass percentage but also the quality of passes achieved. Already teachers have started the training with regard to the use of the technology available in the new Science TLC. 

John Matthews, CEO of Garden Cities, highlighted how partnerships between various organisations that worked together delivered 104 Science TLCs in the Western Cape and that each organisation ensures that only the best products are delivered for  learners. 

Science facilities and equipment for Silikamva High School

Silikamva High School is a fairly new school located in an informal settlement in Hout Bay in Cape Town. The school has been operating without the essential science equipment, apparatus and chemicals needed to teach natural, physical and life sciences. It also lacked the necessary storage facilities and fume cupboard to deal with experimentation that sometimes releases potentially irritating gases such as chlorine and other products. 

Garden Cities Archway Foundation and Advancing Knowledge NPC constructed the storage facility, installed a fume cupboard and provided a list of equipment, apparatus and chemicals needed by teachers for their science classes. Natural Sciences teachers of the school will also be attending the Inquiry-Based Science Education training sessions offered by Advancing Knowledge NPC during May 2024.

For more details, visit: http://www.skatt.co.za/