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Collars and ties mask the real white monopoly capitalism

Only mass civil action will hound this rogues’ gallery of corporate crooks out of town

Call out white monopoly capital to expel it

The status quo will remain until we get rid of white control of companies and their ability to manipulate access state owned enterprises.

Mbeki warns against use of ‘white monopoly capital’ phrase

“Let us understand properly what is happening to this capitalist economy so that we can intervene to do the right thing,” said Mbeki

Netshitenzhe accused of misrepresenting ANC view on ‘white monopoly capital’

The national executive committee member and former key policymaker refused to apologise for saying monopoly capital was not restricted to white people

White monopoly capital allegation finds little favour at ANC conference

The ANC national policy conference has proposed that the term white monopoly capital not be used in its vocabulary

Gauteng ANC: ‘White monopoly capital’ used to deflect attention from state capture

The province will also define the meaning of 'radical economic transformation' when it releases its list of strategy and policy proposals.

#GuptaLeaks: UK PR firm tried to push ‘white monopoly capital’ agenda

Emails support claims in earlier leaked report that Bell Pottinger tried to portray the Gupta and Zuma families as victims of a racist backlash.

White monopoly capital: Good politics, bad sociology, worse economics

The debate about white monopoly capital in post-apartheid South Africa is good for the country's politics but it tends to come with bad sociology

Deconstructing ‘white monopoly capital’

‘White monopoly capital’ is trotted out at whim. But we should beware hidden agendas

We White Monopoly Capitalists must dig in our heels to deepen the minions’ misery

It’s imperative to work with the state to ensure corruption spreads throughout society, to keep the working classes in chains, plots Shaun de Waal.

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