Birtukan Mideksa: Ethiopia’s most famous prisoner

At noon every Sunday a Toyota sedan donated by supporters of Ethiopia's most famous prisoner pulls up near a jail on the outskirts of the capital.

One dead in attack on Togo soccer team

Gunmen opened fire on a bus carrying Togo's national soccer squad to the top African tournament in Angola on Friday.

Guinea junta offers steps towards civilian rule

Guinea's junta has pledged to pave the way for a return to civilian rule and said that leader Moussa Dadis Camara would need time to recover.

Sudan braces itself for change

Aid agencies fear that the forthcoming elections may reignite civil war if Sudan's underlying problems aren't addressed

Sudan’s new year of fear

On Saturday, there will be exactly a year left to prevent the return of a conflict that was once the longest-running in Africa.

Nestlé reopens in Zimbabwe

Nestlé has reopened its factory in Zimbabwe after receiving assurances from the government that its business will not be interfered with again.

SA sees slow progress in Zimbabwe talks

Zimbabwe's political rivals have agreed some outstanding issues of a power-sharing deal, but the pace of negotiations is slow.

Malawi gay couple denied bail for ‘own protection’

A court in Malawi on Monday denied bail to two men arrested after becoming the first gay couple to marry in the conservative African country.

Africa needs more than latter-day Livingstones

If its wildlife is to be preserved, more income from the tourists who flock to safari parks must find its way to local people.

Married Malawi gay couple face test to prove they had sex

The first gay couple to marry in Malawi face a humiliating medical examination aimed at proving they have had sexual relations.

Suspect was pious pupil who shunned life of the rich

Abdulmutallab remained a humble, if solitary young man who shunned material possessions and craved knowledge.

Unheralded and unnoticed, a nation is born

A new nation is being created, almost unnoticed, in troubled Horn of Africa.

Kaunda warned: Retire or you’ll be humiliated

Kenneth Kaunda's power is threatened.

Young lion prepares to challenge for leadership

Zambian elections: It looks like the end of the road for an African strong-man.

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