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‘You are the key to the future’

Most TV viewers are used to seeing and hearing the slogan "South Africa: alive with possibility", but few know how it came about.

A valued school

Being a teacher in certain schools is an unforgettable experience...for the wrong reasons.

‘We are treated unfairly’

Mpho Thibedi* has a personality that naturally qualifies her to work with young and fragile minds. This serves her well as an early childhood development (ECD) teacher at a primary school in Meadowlands Zone One.

Beating the money blues

The start of every year is an exciting time, allowing us to consider new opportunities and focus on the challenges ahead. But for many South Africans it is also a period of pain as consumers recover from the festive season's spending spree.

Drug-resistant TB. The new scourge

In December last year the public's attention was drawn to the threat posed to society by resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) when 49 patients infected with deadly and highly infectious strains of drug-resistant TB escaped from Jose Pearson Hospital near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Their escape made national headlines and highlighted again the need for swift and effective medical care.

ECD remains neglected

The department of education is dragging its feet in tackling the massive backlog in the early childhood development (ECD) field which was inherited from the apartheid government, according to experts and practitioners in the sector.

Learners go high-tech

Two primary school girls have confirmed that digital intelligence and creativity are synonomous with the post-millenium generation.

More than meets the eye

In the past the main reasons for the existence of public zoological gardens were for recreation, fun and some visitor education. And, of course, to help conserve endangered species through international breeding programmes.

Not going all the way

Giving a voice to young people is one of the aims of the Youth Policy Initiative (YPI), a project led by the Human Sciences Research Council in partnership with the youth sector, key government departments, non-governmental organisations and the media.

A curriculum that failed

Outdated and contaminated with apartheid ideology, the South African school curriculum had to be reformed after 1994. A new curriculum that promoted and upheld the values of the Constitution was needed - one we could all own and of which we all could be proud.

Subtract boredom

Let's face it: accounting is not an easy subject to teach. It requires students to learn some fairly rigid rules related to concepts that are difficult to illustrate.

Cheap holidays are a myth

When it comes to finding affordable vacation destinations, South African holidaymakers are experiencing less joy than ever before.

Changing a life

During one of my lessons I heard a weird sound. I paused, looked around and considered whether some learners were playing a joke on me.

A bonus to study

A new initiative known as the Fundisa Fund plans to reward South African parents who save for their child's higher education by paying out an annual bonus to strengthen their savings.

Funding a new generation

Fundisa - launched by the Association of Collective Investments (ACI) in mid-November 2007 - is a key contribution to the financial industry's efforts to promote access to affordable financial products in accordance with the Financial Sector Charter.

Making right distinctions

The issue that is prominent in every teacher's mind is occupation-specific dispensation (OSD). Following last year's crippling public service strike the state was forced to review salary scales and grades of various sectors within the public service, including the teaching profession.

Structuring your syllabus

By the time this first edition of the Teacher is out, most readers will be battling to get the syllabus under way.

We can make a difference

A friend, and also a brilliant maths teacher, told me that as a child in Hitler's Germany she stretched out her little arm in the "Heil Hitler" salute.

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