What do South African students learn when we teach about race?

There is a conspicuous lack of teaching resources to address the historical construction of race in the South African context.

Tech-boosted English classes reach more migrants

Covid-19 lockdowns forced a Cape Town organisation to adapt its teaching methods. Now its language instruction helps those living in other parts of Africa and even beyond

Plans to get education system ready for 2022

The plan to reboot the education system seeks to recover losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and has already recruited thousands to support the drive

The problem with schools boasting 100% pass rates

Schools that boast of perfect pass rates often do so at the expense of weaker learners who are rooted out well ahead of the final exams.

Simons says School in a Box helps him get top marks

The School in a Box device allows children to learn in a fun way even if they don’t have internet or electricity

Western Cape schools benefit from zero waste project

The initiative provides schools with a toolkit to reduce the waste they send to landfills by recycling more effectively

New local app promises regular, effective assessments of students

There have been numerous reports of unethical behaviour during Covid-19, but technology built by local academics now ensures exam conditions are being abided by

Reimagining education in a Vuca world

The new St John’s Preparatory School building offers a space that encourages collaboration, complex problem-solving and creativity

Aunty Mina’s matric breakfasts a boost for Delft’s grade 12s

Learners writing their final exams are motivated by the delicious fare served at an oasis in Delft, Cape Town

Successful education reform requires a bottom-up approach

As with most government initiatives, top-down reforms in the education sector tend to be slow-moving and difficult to adapt, no matter how cleverly designed and workable they appear

Early childhood development practitioners – important for the future of our society and yet overlooked

One of their biggest challenges is getting parents to support ECD practitioners and day mothers and get more involved in their children's development

What is the best way to train South Africa’s teachers?

The apparent benefits of the internship model need to be offset by operational, political and academic challenges

Learners and parents: How to beat end-of-year exam stress

A student wellness consultant gives advice on how to cope with – and overcome – examination anxiety

Four lessons from youth work initiative

There is a terrific opportunity to leverage interventions such as public works programmes in a cohesive youth employment strategy

Schooling children during global crises is as important as ever

Covid-19 has meant that 128-million children are out of school – disproportionately girls, who may never return to school

The true state of South Africa’s schools

South Africa has one of the most unequal school systems in the world. The gap in test scores between the top 20% and the rest is wider than in almost every other country

Young and jobless? Apply for one of 287 000 education assistant posts

Education department urges young, jobless people to apply for teaching assistant vacancies

International Day of Sign Languages: South African sign language must be promoted

The Schools Act considers South African sign language as an official language for the purposes of learning in a public school