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Screen Grab: In the land of the lotus eaters

Hawaii hotel drama ‘The White Lotus’ is a shade warmer than ‘Succession’ in its assault on American privilege — but it carries a riptide of savage wit.

How drummer Charlie Watts infused the Rolling Stones with a little jazz

A drummer’s contribution to one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands

Hier kom Lister! On the ‘Comrade Editor’s’ lifelong commitment to activism and journalism

Gwen Lister’s book, ‘Comrade Editor’, weaves together a narrative from the strands of her own life, her journalism, and the wider context of Namibia’s struggle for independence

Can Donda save Kanye West?

After flirting with right-wing politics, the Chicago rapper seeks not only to redeem himself as a liberal black figure, but settle the question of his relevance as an artist

Screengrab: ‘Wesens’ has the final weird

In the Afrikaans sci-fi gem on Showmax, found footage reveals an inexplicable object in the Karoo

Review: Mahmood Mamdani on the ‘non-national’ state

Mahmood Mamdani’s latest book, ‘Neither Settler nor Native’ asks a political question: Rights for whom?

Review: ‘Culture and the Liberation Struggle in South Africa’: On the arts as a catalyst in the quest for true freedom

This new collection of essays, tributes and analyses focuses on the role of culture in the fostering of radical consciousness

Screen Grab: A big sting in the small tale of Undercover’s confined setting

The Dutch-Belgian crime thriller, set on a campsite, makes the most of its confined setting

Ngoma Nites: From rumba and benga to the digital revolution in Nairobi

This extract from the book Ten Cities details the evolution of the club scene in Nairobi, with a focus on the mid-1990s

Sexual scribbling: A short list of new and classic literature on sex

Author and sex activist Tiffany Kagure Mugo shares some pivotal reading on sex, including books she has authored or compiled

The Portfolio: Sex writer Tiffany Kagure Mugo

Writing about sex has come a long way from the advice dished out by the local ‘married Aunty’. At times, Tiffany Mugo has felt like she’s faking it

Of carrier pigeons and diamond smugglers

This is an extract from a new book Flight of the Diamond Smugglers: A Tale of Pigeons, Obsession, and Greed Along Coastal South Africa

Teaching South Africa’s youth about rebel music

Protest music and protest culture is part of being black, and of being human. Several musicians are passing this practice on to the next generation

The Portfolio: Boitumelo Motau on capturing a moment

Even in revisiting the space, I can never capture the moment, as if it were sucked into my camera when I pressed the shutter, muses Boitumelo Motau

Hustler literature sheds light on internet fraud and its role in the Nigerian economy

E-fraud novels, such as ‘I Do Not Come To You By Chance’, depict characters recreating the same exploitative economic landscape they seek to avoid

The Samas fiasco and a moment of reckoning for South African music

The local music industry can’t place the blame for its current state solely on the Covid-19 pandemic; it’s been in a mess for a while

Screen Grab: Where were Messi’s friends when the chips were down?

From Leo to Rassie to Mourinho, the art of the endorsement commercial is in laughably bad shape

An ‘aesthetic inheritance’: ugogo the [visual] griot

Refiguring ugogo as a critical figure in the making of Black [visual] archives