The return of William Kentridge

Brenda Atkinson talks to South Africa's most effortlessly famous artist about his latest opus.

Get yoiking with Saari

World music's latest folk music craze makes it to Grahamstown. Peter Makarube reports.

Wandering lost among the cyber art galleries

Cyberspace rookie Hazel Friedman, art critic of the Mail&Guardian, is introduced to art on the World Wide Web ... and decides that there's nothing to beat the real thing.

Rocking at sea level

SA's ROCK CITY: Alexander Sudheim investigates why Durban is the source of a plethora of new local rock bands.

Strangers in G-strings

Downtown Johannesburg and the makeshift studio on the third floor of the Carlton Hotel teems with squirming bodies. I am still getting used to...

Design Of The Week

These considerately crafted little numbers come from Waldeck Studios --- a 3-D design company founded by artist Ian Waldeck. The company designs and crafts...

My heart touches your heart

Once quite long ago, in a land not so far away, there lived a young woman called Gcina Mhlophe.

Notes from a heist-meister

<B>CINEMA:</B><B>USUAL SUSPECTS</B> Bryan Singer, director of Usual Suspects, has been hailed as the new Tarantino. Jonathan Romney speaks to him.

Hugh returns to his roots

<B>MUSIC:</B> Hugh Masekela and the search for authentic jazz<br> Reviewed by Meshack Mabogoane.

Keeping cool about the corpse

<B>CINEMA: </B>Shallow Graves

Many flavours of France

<B>CINEMA:</B> French Film Festival

Blade Runner on electro-steroids

The cyber world of Neuromancer is brought to the big screen in <B>Johnny Mnemonic</B>. Martin Walker talks to author William Gibson.

Ties in the Oz colony

<B>CINEMA: </B>Country Life

Bunk, but the battles are great

<B>CINEMA: </B> Braveheart

Art with a view of the city

Luan Nel abandons his miniature landscapes and transforms concrete walls into canvases for a show this weekend. He spoke to Hazel Friedman.

Vietnam with a twist

The Hughes brothers' debut feature, Menace II Society, was a clichéd story of the hood; filmed with flair on a budget of $3-million, it...

Popcorn made epic

The feel-good, teenage boy rite-of-passage pic set in the early Sixties has, in the Nineties, become a genre all of its own. The era...

Star struck in SA

Hollywood came to town this week -- in the form of Jean-Claude Van Damme. He spoke to Peter Johnson.

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