KwaZulu minister gets two salaries

When a district surgeon was appointed kwaZulu's minister of health he ensured that he would still be paid for his former job, reports Farouk Chothia.

FW de Klerk’s three lies

Top secret documents reveal that FW de Klerk lied about South Africa's nuclear programme, reports Paul Stober.

Red-baiters refuse to face the real injustices

Those who accuse the SACP of deception are forgetting that they were forced underground to survive -- or face their torturers and possible death.

DP nominates blue collar candidates

The Democratic Party has put Hougton's Tony Leon on top of its list of nominees for the national assembly.

End of line for white schools

According to the TED, there are three high schools and nine primary schools in the Transvaal which still bar access by race.

SACP: They aren’t inside … they are on top

The National Party cries 'rooi gevaar' ... but they may soon be in the cabinet with the South African Communist Party, writes John Kane-Berman.

Black is beautiful in business this year

It seems 1994 is the year to be black and in business. With the year just over a month old, there have been three deals.

What will the GNU protect? The cattle or the wildebeest?

An ANC policy document makes some controversial proposals for the future of game parks under a new Government of National Unity. Eddie Koch reports.

Jimmy’s missionary position

And God said: 'Go into the wilderness and consider your sins. I can't keep on cleansing and purging and cleansing you.' So Jimmy Swaggart came to SA.

‘Witdoek’ leaders on NP lists

The NP has nominated two infamous Crossroads strongmen as candidates for the Western Cape region, reports Chris Louw.

WHO slams SA polio vaccine

Local production of the life-saving polio vaccine has been stopped following a WHO report criticising the Institute for Virology's facilities.

Hillbrow Hospital’s damage control

Hillbrow Hospital workers are on strike but, thanks to a skeleton staff system agreed to by management and unions.

Employers to get single voice

A new employers' body would provide a single voice -- but may duplicate the functions of other business groupings, reports Simon Seagal.

Puppets join the battle against abuse

In a new production destined for comunnity centres, puppets reflect the real world of domestic violence. Ferial Haffajee reports.

MI links to gun-running

Military Intelligence may be using Ciskei to arm hit squads in the homeland and in the Western Cape, reports Louise Flanagan.

Cellular phone fever hits SA

There was continued action on the cellar phone front this week, with Finnish multinational Nokia launching its latest range of phones.

ANC promises happy consumers

Election manifesto: Some fine ideas -- and some fine rhetoric.

Mines in Aids test dispute

The mining industry's fledgling Aids agreement has struck its first rock.