Exit the General: But don’t think Coetzee’s let go his power.

As the man at the centre of the State of Emergency, Coetzee has held one of the most powerful positions in the country.

Exposed: A fiendish Equinus plot to stop Fordyce

I had a chance literally to blow new life into the Comrades Marathon this year, but I blew it. Or rather, I didn't blow it.

The proud soldier tells a court why he changed his mind

Mike Loewe told of fist, boot, stick and catapult attacks on residents in four townships.

Homeland leader faces torture probe

The chief minister and prospective president of KwaNdebele, George Mahlangu, may be charged with abducting and torturing youths.

MP Dalling meets his own inquiry

Munnik found that Barclays MD Chris Ball, who authorised an overdraft, had known it would be used to pay for the ANC advertisements.

Wembley’s whizzo, but who’s the chap in shorts?

Last Saturday, as is my custom, I travelled by first-class satellite to Wembley Stadium in London for the annual British Football AC Final.

The soul of the white liberal

Johannesburg city councillor Mike Sutherland carried a great deal of baggage when he left for Australia....

Ex-soldier tells court of orders to beat people

Steven Louw, 21, was giving evidence in mitigation yesterday after Phillip Wilkinson was found guilty of failing to report for military service.

Pretoria to the BBC: GET OUT!

Two reporters ordered out in fresh clamp on foreign press.

Weekly Mail wins top press award

The Weekly Mail and New Nation were last night jointly awarded the Pringle Press Award for 1987.

Confessions of the bumbling spies

We probe the extraordinary tales of seven ANC captives who claim to have been recruited as spies by the South African authorities.

What Winnie would have said to Wits (if they’d let her talk)

A copy of Mandela's speech was given to the <em>Weekly Mail</em> after the meeting had been banned and she was prevented from speaking.

Riddles of the Cosatu blast

A security guard at the building, Stanley Khumalo, yesterday said he heard a loud bang before the building was filled with smoke.

As the night wears on, the Progs face a bitter truth: ‘We’ve been hammered!’

Colin Eglin's cherished vision of his PFP as an embryonic alternative government was shattered as the general election results poured in yesterday.

Zambia: The smell of death and suspicion

Just over a week before the election, Pretoria announces that it has killed five ANC members in Lusaka...

UCT students out on bail

The five students were released on bail of R50 each.

The duel for the Mandela Cup

The African Champions Cup is the most prestigious, run on the same lines as the European Cup.

The State of the Unions

The trade union movement is the best organised and most deeply entrenched opposition to the system inside South Africa.