Yemen’s president boosts security

Yemen's president has met a top US general to discuss boosting military cooperation, after Barack Obama tied al-Qaeda's regional arm to terrorism.

Pakistan govt under pressure after deadly attack

Pakistan's government came under pressure on Saturday to bring stability to the country after one of the bloodiest bombings in more than two years.

Danish police arrest man trying to kill Muhammad cartoonist

Danish police said on Saturday they shot and wounded a Somali man with al-Qaeda links when he tried to break into the home of a cartoonist.

Pakistan volleyball blast kills dozens

A suicide bomber blew himself up in an SUV at a volleyball game in north-west Pakistan on Friday, killing 93 people in a village.

Blackwater trial: 15 minutes of gunfire which left 17 dead

When a Blackwater convoy approached the Green Zone, hundreds of Iraqi drivers inching through the choking traffic witnessed a familiar scene.

Former hostage Moore arrives back in Britain

Computer programmer Peter Moore, freed this week two-and-a-half years after being taken hostage in Iraq, arrived back in Britain on Friday.

Opposition head Mousavi: Iran in ‘serious crisis’

Opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi said Iran was in "serious crisis" and called for the immediate release of his supporters.

2009: The year of living dangerously

Barack Obama's inauguration provided hope in a period marked by war, terror, nuclear fears and climate change anticlimax.

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