/ 22 October 2021

Founder and CEO of Moja Chicken, Lethogonolo “Tloks” Motseeng, speaks about idea generation and validation

Tloks, Standard Bank

Starting a successful business requires a good operative model that zooms into how your business safely escapes from your mind and hits the ground running, says founder and chief executive of Moja Chicken, Letlhogonolo “Tloks” Motseeng.

The restaurateur shared his business development intelligence with broadcast journalist Rofhiwa Madzene on how to start and maintain a competitive business in the market.

Motseeng said strategising the start, management and growth of the business in a business plan is most important for building a stable establishment; it is essential to consider the whys, wheres and hows.

But the most effective way to be successful is to introduce uniqueness into the market and preserve it as a signature for your target market.

Moja Chicken, born in South Africa’s biggest township — Soweto — has proved to be a successful shipping container eatery that has grown into a franchise and mushroomed to neighbouring townships.

He believes that it is exactly what the township restaurant market needs, and, should business not pick up as planned in the first location you choose, the business can simply be moved to another location.

The businessman also explains that customer engagement is a great tool for growing a business. This includes understanding the culture and language of the area and using it for customer attraction.

Motseeng said drawing up a business plan is not a generic procedure, considering that every businessperson in the making needs to do a thorough introspection and carefully consider all the highlights and challenges they may face on their journey.