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Social media influencers must #ad it

To protect the public, people should disclose when they are paid to promote products

No smoke without fire: Tobacco companies in quiet return to Formula One

​Tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American Tobacco have formed partnerships with scientific research subsidiaries and Formula 1 teams

Advertising’s smart pantsula

Unorthodox creative Festus Masekwameng blasted his way into a closed industry

Inside advertising: A Q&A with Ahmed Tilly

As a part of the series on the advertising industry, Zaza Hlalethwa spoke to the chief creative officer of FCB Africa about transformation.

Ads out of touch with audiences

Black peoples’ lived experiences need to be at the heart of campaigns

No jingle in musicians’ pockets

The marketing company says the advertising tunes they wrote are its intellectual property

Sizakele Marutlulle

Founder and chief executive, Matutlulle and Co

Advertisers as allies in the struggle for LGBTIQ equality, representation, inclusion

SA advertisers are receiving training in how to positively portray the full spectrum of sexualities and genders in their adverts

We’re transforming the milky way

Advertising agencies must confront the need for change if they are to survive in the SA landscape

Transgender ad breaks through

Activists say the ad industry has a prime role to play in normalising the presence of LGBTI people in society

Dove advertisers can’t wash away the stain of whiteness

The advertisers have shown themselves to be either tone deaf or terribly ignorant — or both.

Imagining the Loeries from the future, where the current inequalities are dealt with

Taking a look at the ad industry’s premier event from a futuristic perspective sheds light on its current inequalities.

The image of the post-colonial ‘man’ is stereotypical humbug

This campaign feeds the “black diamond” obsession that focuses on the success of a few black people at the expense of the poor and unemployed.

Will the Malema-Mbalula twar buff up their brands?

Politics is no different than the dog-eat-dog world of advertising. But similarly, politicians need to move beyond all talk and no delivery.

Don’t Miss This: The Nedbank Digital Edge Live

South Africa's largest digital marketing show will explore the key themes of authenticity, purpose, values and doing good.

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Judicial Conduct Committee orders Mogoeng to apologise for his remarks about SA Israel relations

The JCC said that by the chief justice straying into politics, he breached the judicial conduct code and ordered him to issue an apology and retraction

‘Doctors’ wives’ jump Covid queue

Private doctors and civilians have been exploiting gaps in the public health system to get vaccinated

Ithala fails to act against board chairperson over PPE scandal

Morar asked to settle with the state and pay back the profit he made on an irregular tender

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