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/ 28 July 2005

The Slow Road

The laaities on the coast don’t listen to radio ‘cos there’s no radio for them to listen to, writes Andy Davis. While the adult contemporary stations have dominated thus far, the new licences up for grabs in 2006 could shake things up.

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/ 8 June 2005

Causing offence

How does a society rehabilitate a 14-year-old rapist? In South Africa, we don’t. We lock children like this up. Put them away, run them through the criminal justice system and turn them into hardened criminals. But is this an effective and humane way to deal with children?

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/ 23 May 2005

A Captive Audience

There are some clever theories explaining the modern world’s fascination with sport, but they don’t really matter to the broadcasters’ bankable captive audience -the fans. Andy Davis asks SA’s sports TV bosses how they cover their massive rights costs.

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/ 15 December 2004

Fine Young Cannibals

Is there a niche, a valid gap in the market? Is the new title attracting new magazine readers to the pool, or is it simply cannibalising the audience and adspend of other established titles? Is the magazine more dependent on its advertising than its audience? It all comes down to the business plan…

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/ 8 October 2004

James Bonds of groove

It’s not often that you are approached by your government and dispatched to a former colony to celebrate its 10th year of democracy. It sure beats the hell out of being sent to Iraq. Basement Jaxx will be in SA this month as part of the British Council’s D+10 celebrations, writes Andy Davis.

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/ 23 June 2004

Wa’dzay Gesê?

The overhaul of Afrikaans broadcast media in the last decade represents a necessary cultural catharsis, writes Andy Davis. But are these radio and television brands adequately catering for the country’s 3,5-million black and coloured Afrikaners?

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/ 2 June 2004

Evergreen & Gold

Q: What’s the difference between South African sports publishing and South African sports teams? A: One’s a winner. The fact that South African sports teams have performed like dogs being whipped by Australian cheerleaders for the last two years has meant very little to the bottom line of the sports publishing sector. Andy Davis looks at how, and why, sports print is raking in the readership and the revenue.

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/ 19 May 2004

Independent’s Day

Patricia De Lille has long been an outspoken critic of mediocrity, corruption and incompetence in South African government and society. Andy Davis speaks to the firebrand politician and gets her to train her sights on South African media.

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/ 7 May 2004

Straight to hell

"Bellville, home to a million bad drivers and the Western Cape’s First World, suburban, nuclear fantasy. In this neighbourhood, under the shadow of the local NG Kerk and in the manicured gardens, Fokofpolisiekar exist as the answer to South Africa’s boom of punk-rock mimicry." This Afrikaans punk band has given a voice to South Africa’s young, angry suburban whiteys, writes Andy Davis.

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/ 7 April 2004

Iwisa and Cellphones

"Everywhere else in the world, where television is an entertainment and information medium, ratings and adspend work hand-in hand." The revolution will not be televised- locally. Andy Davis looks at youth television and finds that adpsend patterns are way behind emerging culture.

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/ 2 March 2004

Smoke, mirrors, posters, buses and taxis

Analysis of election advertising campaigns often provides an objective litmus test of what political parties actually stand for, as opposed to what they communicate in order to secure your vote. In the build-up to the election it is interesting to look at the metamorphosis and development of how parties advertise themselves.

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/ 17 February 2004

Bored sheets

Mainstream newspapers don’t directly target the youth market, and it shows – most titles have less than a 20% penetration in the 16 to 24 age demographic. But there are still some products taking on youth boredom, argues Andy Davis.

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/ 6 February 2004

Mlungu muti

Warrick Sony is, in many ways, the godfather of electronic music in South Africa. No surprises, then, that release number 11 for African Dope Records is the new Kalahari Surfers album, <i>Muti Media</i>. Andy Davis dispenses the Qs and Sony the As.

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/ 12 December 2003

A loophole in the airwaves

For one brief month there was a radio station in Cape Town worth listening to. But by the time you read this article it is nothing more than the cackle and hiss of static over dead air. Spectrum 91.3 was Cape Town’s newest and most short-lived radio station, writes Andy Davis.

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/ 17 October 2003

Tooning in

If freedom of speech is the beating heart of democracy, then the political cartoonist operates like a pacemaker. Unlike long-winded political articles that require patience and literacy, a cartoon can cut to the heart of an issue, encapsulate a debate, display a viewpoint and shame our leaders in the most immediate manner, writes Andy Davis.