Andy Davis
Guest Author
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/ 22 February 2008

Why design?

It is with glee that the organisers of the Design Indaba 2008 announced on their website that the event has been sold out for the fourth year in a row. Tickets for a “young designers” simulcast, however, were available late this week. (Strangely enough young participants include anyone over 25.)

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/ 11 July 2006

Morning Glory

Drive-time radio is the driving force behind most commercial radio stations, raking in 35-40% of a station’s revenue. Andy Davis tunes in to who’s attracting the listeners and where the ad spend is going.

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/ 29 March 2006

Taking Candy

Contemporary youth culture isn’t exactly looking for intellectualism in its media, reckons Andy Davis. No kidding. So what is it that makes this sector one of the most lucrative around and which local brands are pitching at the perfect level?

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/ 8 June 2005

Causing offence

How does a society rehabilitate a 14-year-old rapist? In South Africa, we don’t. We lock children like this up. Put them away, run them through the criminal justice system and turn them into hardened criminals. But is this an effective and humane way to deal with children?

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/ 23 May 2005

A Captive Audience

There are some clever theories explaining the modern world’s fascination with sport, but they don’t really matter to the broadcasters’ bankable captive audience -the fans. Andy Davis asks SA’s sports TV bosses how they cover their massive rights costs.

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/ 15 December 2004

Fine Young Cannibals

Is there a niche, a valid gap in the market? Is the new title attracting new magazine readers to the pool, or is it simply cannibalising the audience and adspend of other established titles? Is the magazine more dependent on its advertising than its audience? It all comes down to the business plan…

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/ 20 July 2004

Sea Change

Not too long ago, coastal radio stations were hardly keeping afloat. Now they’re riding a swell that could be one of the biggest in local media. The Media looks at a segment that bears testimony to the power of tight focus.

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/ 2 June 2004

Paper Cuts

If you’ve ever dreamt of launching your own magazine in South Africa, one point becomes evident … It is going to cost you much, much more than you ever thought it would. The print and paper chain in South Africa is dominated by corporate giants at every level. How does the chain work, and what are the prospects for the little guy? Andy Davis reports.