Matthew Krouse

Thing of beauty: The black photo album

A deep look into history through stark studio portraits of South Africans.

Curating Jo’burg’s FoodWineDesign Fair

From scouring Twitter to braaiing burgers, curator Roberta Coci speaks to the M&G about puting the pieces of this year's FoodWineDesign Fair together.

Ringing in the changes

Hand made avant-garde rings created by one of South Africa's most talented jewellery designer, Carine Terreblanche.

Kasi food lifted to new heights

The message from the star of a popular food programme is that good food can be found in the humblest surroundings.

Lust for dreamers

Sleek lines and a magical finish give Xavier Lust's Credence an otherworldly presence.

Art imitates a life of illicit love

The longevity of the Out in Africa festival,is a miracle on a homophobic continent — and in a country with constitutional protections.

Donna Kukama: Life is a laughing matter

Donna Kukama is tired of the gallery space — but she intends to stay inside the system and to make the most of it by subverting it.

Chatting to Standard Bank’s young artist winner Donna Kukama

Donna Kukama - winner of the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Performance Art - speaks to the M&G about breaking a leg and "being f***ing real".

Tight-laced, not strait-laced

A chance trip to the shopping haven of 44 Stanley Avenue in Jo'burg, brought me into contact with something quite unexpected.

Thing of beauty: Take Jo’burg with you wherever you go

Some of Jo'burg's buildings have become meaningful markers for people in need of a sense of belonging in the alienating metropolis.

Art Fair forced to reinstate Mabulu painting after Goldblatt threat

The Jo'burg Art Fair will allow Ayanda Mabulu's controversial painting to stay after featured artist David Goldblatt threatened to quit in protest.

New curator on the block

Silvia Pillon, in charge of the noncommercial side of the Jo'burg Art Fair, discusses her role in staging the event.

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