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Retrial? No such thing: Moodley’s ‘wasting his time’

Legal experts say convicted killer Donovan Moodley's attempt at a retrial is a waste of time because there's no such thing in the SA justice system.

Donovan Moodley applies for retrial

Arguments have begun in the application of the retrial of Donovan Moodley -- the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering Leigh Matthews.

New sleuth to tackle Leigh Matthews development

A new investigating officer has been appointed to the Leigh Matthews murder case after a second person was traced to the ransom exchange.

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Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword

George Euvrard spoke to Athandiwe Saba about his passion for education, clues on how to solve his crosswords and the importance of celebrating South Africa.

Why prisoners are a priority in vaccine rollout

Inmates comprise a vulnerable group in society and they are meant to receive Covid-19 vaccines earlier than the general population. This has sparked debate locally and globally

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