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Making Scents: Eau de masculine has a new aroma

Perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer looks at how fragrances for men have changed over the years; from light, fresh citrus notes to sweet and smoky notes.

Making Scents: I’ve grown a custom scent for you

In the fragrance industry, perfumers are champing at the bit to offer distinct personalised fragrances, writes perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: Scent of a car named Maggie

Now is an exciting time for cars and scents, because we can harness smell to tell a story about the beliefs of a brand, writes Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: Quest for sweet smell of success

In a world where at least one fragrance is purchased every second, there's a lot of strategising that goes into attracting the attention of customers.

Making Scents: Thank heaven for little smells

In the fashion and apparel space, the relatively recent phenomenon of children's fragrances is positioned as an add-on purchase, or a gift.

Making Scents: The right fragrance for your skin type

Fragrances especially natural scents, which are more subtle and nuanced than chemicals – smell different on different skins because of skin chemistry.

Making scents: A perfume speaks a thousand words

"A fragrance is a framed story, and sometimes how that story is told is as important as the juice itself," writes perfumer Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: Smell’s power to evoke memory

Tammy Violet Frazer writes about the powerful link between smell and memory.

Making Scents: Garden aromas in your home

Want to make your own perfume? Tammy Violet Frazer advices that you don't, but rather spend time at home with the scents of raw materials.

Making Scents: Put the genius back in the bottle

"The shape, style and colour of a perfume bottle plays a vital part in your attachment to a fragrance," writes Tammy Violet Frazer.

Making Scents: Giving life to the scent

Perfumers should seize the essence of the notes to construct a story that will be pushed through every available marketing and advertising channel.

Making scents: Raw deals can ruin a perfumer

Formulating a fragrance is made more complicated by the complexity of sourcing raw material for the final scent.

Making Scents: A modern scent for a luxury island hotel

How exactly does one capture - and release - the essence of a luxurious hotel in a fragrance?

Making Scents: More than just skin deep

A perfumer has many details to consider when composing fragrance for skincare products.

Making Scents: Scentless buying

Apt descriptive prose, comparisons and personal truths from perfume aficionados are what drive the purchase of perfume online.

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