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Protests called as Egypt’s draft constitution rushed through

An Egyptian panel boycotted by Christians and liberals on Friday adopted a draft constitution with an Islamist bent that activists are unhappy with.

Arab League meets to extend mission in Syria

The Arab League has met for talks to extend its observer mission to Syria, with Riyadh 'pulling its observers' as Damascus has not kept its promises.

Egypt court orders release of jailed blogger Alaa

Egypt's judiciary has decided to free blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fattah, who has spent the past two months in custody for inciting violence.

Egypt sectarian deaths slammed amid civil war fear

Egyptian media on Monday accused "anti-revolutionaries" of trying to trigger sectarian conflict.

Sectarian clashes in Egypt leave 13 dead

Sectarian clashes killed at least 13 people in Cairo on Wednesday as old regime diehards attacked pro-democracy protesters.

Iraq launches Baghdad security crackdown

Iraq clamped a raft of draconian new security rules on its war-torn capital on Wednesday amid mystery over the whereabouts of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whom United States officials say has fled to Iran. US defence officials claimed that the anti-American cleric had travelled to Tehran two or three weeks ago.

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A bowl of warmth in a time of need

Soup for the Sick is nourishing hundreds of people too ill to cook for themselve

Q&A Sessions: George Euvrard, the brains behind our cryptic crossword

George Euvrard spoke to Athandiwe Saba about his passion for education, clues on how to solve his crosswords and the importance of celebrating South Africa.

Why prisoners are a priority in vaccine rollout

Inmates comprise a vulnerable group in society and they are meant to receive Covid-19 vaccines earlier than the general population. This has sparked debate locally and globally

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