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Sanral to deal with Zuma’s e-toll billing concerns

Concerns voiced by President Jacob Zuma about incorrect billing for e-tolls in Gauteng are being addressed, says Sanral.

E-tolls: From good concept to embarrassing disaster

E-tolling was supposed to be the definitive incarnation of the user pay principle. Yet, now Sanral faces masses of users who won’t pay, on principle.

Sanral head: E-tolls no big election issue

E-tolling is not a major issue for the ANC ahead of this year's elections, says the South African National Roads Agency Limited's Nazir Alli.

E-tolls: Tag, you’re it

Tuesday marked the start of the e-toll system and motorists trickled in to get tagged. Some are still against it and are willing to be arrested.

‘It’s not over,’ say anti-toll activists

Cosatu seems confident that civil disobedience will prevent the success of e-tolling, despite its offical launch on Tuesday.

Motlanthe: Sanral’s Alli has withdrawn resignation

Sanral CEO Nazir Alli, who resigned last month, is to "stay put", says Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Road to Nazir Alli’s exit paved with bad politics

Sanral CEO Nazir Alli's resignation was not a case of falling on his sword, but rather due to frustration with government's panic over e-tolling.

Sanral appoints Koos Smit as acting head

Sanral has appointed Koos Smit as acting chief executive, while moving to quash rumours that Nazir Alli had been forced to resign.

Alli’s resignation draws mixed reaction

The resignation of Sanral's CEO Nazir Alli has evoked mixed reaction from civil society, unions and political parties.

Sanral only able to limp on for six months

As CEO Nazir Alli resigns, treasury told parliamentarians that Sanral would only be able to survive another six months through "major sacrifices".

Road agency faces an uphill battle

Although 300 000 motorists have registered for the e-tolling system in Gauteng, experts say there is no legal way to force road users to pay.

Scrapping Gauteng toll road system a costly idea

As well as impeding Sanral's ability to pay its debts, a definitive scrapping of the project may undermine the Gautrain's targets.

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