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/ 13 October 2006

Blood is thicker than water

“There’s an old Italian saying: you fuck up once, you lose two teeth,” growls crime boss Tony Soprano in the hit drama series The Sopranos. Fans of this tough but troubled character (played so well by James Gandolfini) and his two families — his wife Carmela (Edie Falco) and kids, and his gun-toting crime associates […]

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/ 30 August 2006

Bad telecoms service? Tell the world

A newly formed action group is calling on South African businesses and private individuals to donate money to take out a full-page advertisement in a national newspaper protesting against the lack of alternatives in the country’s telecommunications sector. The group says a full-page advert in a national newspaper such as the <i>Mail & Guardian</i> will require approximately R50&nbsp;000.

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/ 30 August 2006

A Young Turk in Sinatra’s playground

Michael Buble has already done remarkably well in bringing the style of the crooners of olden days to a new generation. Now the young Jamie Cullum sets down the same path on <i>Twentysomething</i>, keeping to the jazzy, easy-listening style that has been given a shot in the arm with the popularity of the likes of Norah Jones, Buble and Diana Krall, writes Riaan Wolmarans.

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/ 28 August 2006

She’s got it

She’s young, she’s a babe and the booklet of her debut CD, <i>Got to Have It</i>, folds out into a sexy mini poster. She sings upbeat R&B pop. Jerusha Naidoo could easily have been just another clone from the overproduced Christina Aguilera mould, another young South African starlet desperately trying to make it on to the charts. But look closer, urges Riaan Wolmarans.

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/ 14 July 2006

Sheryl Crow’s wilting flower

<b>CD OF THE WEEK:</b> On her new album, <i>Wildflower</i>, Sheryl Crow is not quite the rock chick any more. And though the instant likeability of past Crow hits occasionally shines through, this is an album that’s hard to care for, writes Riaan Wolmarans. Also reviews of the Foo Fighters, DJ Jazzy D, Ry Cooder and others.

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/ 12 July 2006

New Gauteng crime plan holds promise

Gauteng residents have been promised more visible policing, more roadblocks and improved 10111 call centres as part of an intensive new crime-fighting strategy to be implemented over the next six months — although an analyst has pointed out that parts of the strategy look like "more of the same".

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/ 7 February 2006

Simply the best

At Christmas, it was handy to give best-of CDs to friends as gifts: easy to find, easy to please. Now, after the long month of January, payday has come again, so why not spoil yourself in the same way? Riaan Wolmarans has more.

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/ 20 January 2006

Junkies sing the blues

<b>CD OF THE WEEK</b>: The Canadian Timmins clan’s trademark wistful, forlorn sound sprawls over their latest release, <i>Early 21st Century Blues</i>, writes Riaan Wolmarans. Also read new reviews of Limp Bizkit, Frank Black, Clout and others.

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/ 30 November 2005

Confessions of a pop queen

<b>CD OF THE WEEK:</b> She’s dropped the political posturing that grabbed headlines when she did <i>American Life</i>; <i>Confessions on a Dance Floor</i> is Madonna for the party people, writes Riaan Wolmarans. We also review Franz Ferdinand’s new release.

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/ 3 November 2005

Cullum catches up

<b>CD OF THE WEEK:</b> Jamie Cullum delivers a slightly more modern sound on his new album than on his previous two, and his subject matter is also a bit more hip — possibly to inject some life into his somewhat staid fan club, writes Riaan Wolmarans. Also new reviews of Jill Scott, Hugh Masikela, Leela James and more.

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/ 5 October 2005

Standing up, confidently

<b>CD OF THE WEEK:</b> Few bands come with such a sterling reputation for emotive music as that of the Dave Matthews Band, so there are always high expectations of any of this award-winning and often-touring group’s new albums, writes Riaan Wolmarans.