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/ 6 May 2008

Rockers Queen to headline Mandela Aids concert

Veteran rockers Queen, along with Razorlight and Simple Minds, will top the bill at an Aids benefit concert in London next month to mark Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday, organisers announced on Tuesday. Precisely 46 664 tickets will go on sale for the three-hour gig in Hyde Park on June 27, which is in support of the former South African president’s 46664 campaign against HIV/Aids.

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/ 5 February 2008

Clinton and Obama neck and neck

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spent the final, tension-filled hours before Tuesday’s Super Tuesday primaries squeezing out votes in the East Coast battlefield states where opinion polls place the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination almost neck and neck.

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/ 18 October 2007

Godfather stars have lost fire, says director

Film director Francis Ford Coppola has attacked three of the biggest stars in Hollywood, denouncing them for being lazy and uninterested in taking risks. Coppola told GQ magazine that Al Pacino and Robert De Niro — both in his Godfather trilogy — and Jack Nicholson had been spoilt by success and lost the fire that had made them raging bulls.