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Peter Schütz’s carved celestial creatures

Peter Schütz’s sculptures are not only aesthetically brilliant, they also have the power to evoke a belief in the Omnipotent.

In search of the transcendent

The sculptures that make up Golden Age Rising include an electric organ fitted with a crystal sensor that produces sounds to the movement of the sun.

Where apartheid statues go to die

When a bust of Hendrik Verwoerd disappeared into the night in Midvaal, the question arose: What actually happens to the statues from our sordid past?

Sculpted paintings

Nicholas Hlobo's topographies on canvas have extended pictorial space into three dimensions, writes <b>Anthea Buys</b>.

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R2.3bn VBS trial expected to only begin in 2022

The state is expected to request a 16 week-long trial, as delays stymie progress in the saga.

Eastern Cape citizens don’t have to visit the labour department for UIF

This measure, aimed at slowing the spread of Covid-19, may shortly be introduced in other regions.

VBS case delays cause massive frustration

A certificate is needed from the head of the NPA for more arrests to be made

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