Sean Otoole

Rethinking Irma Stern and the style of whiteness

A season of auctions, exhibitions and books devoted to Irma Stern upends perceptions of her stuffy legend

The fine art of domesticating a revolution

As much as artists might rebel against it, art fairs and private enterprise are the new drivers

Opulent beach houses and the art of the leisure colonist

The growing number of extravagant homes built along South Africa's coastlines brings ethics – as well as aesthetics – into question.

Alexandra, Sandton and bridging the economic divide

The historically divided suburbs of Alexandra and Sandton will soon have a bridge to link them. This time utilitarianism might win out over symbolism.

Architectural solutions to slums and earthquakes

Presentations on earthquake readiness and slum settlement solutions at a global architecture congress have highlighted contributions to human dignity.

A lover of dirty, smelly and unsightly architecture

Industrial archaeologist David Worth champions the bleak monuments of South Africa's industrial architecture.

?Is Nathi Mthethwa the right man for the job?

After a game of ministerial musical chairs that saw Nathi Mthethwa replace Paul Mashatile, Sean O'Toole wonders if Mthethwa is suited for the arts.

Through the lens: Exploring land and photography in SA

From mine dumps to city skylines, four new books bring South Africa’s diversity into focus, writes Sean O'Toole.

Art brings home the grain drain

A Cape Town landmark will soon become a major international museum that will focus primarily on work of African origin.

Images of an icon, real and imagined

Portraits of Nelson Mandela over the years — from the reverential to the interpretive — have firmly entrenched his status in popular culture.

Pieter Hugo: Melancholy etched in the flesh

Photographer Pieter Hugo's latest exhibition is a? "jolting meditation" on family, kinship and decaying nationhood.

Welcome to the cabaret of art

Artists are dressing up - or undressing - to make a point about who they really are. But is the spectacle more than just cheap drag?

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