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/ 29 May 2008

Analysts: Violence jolts complacent ANC

Two weeks of anti-foreigner violence in South Africa have highlighted the growing disconnect between a public impatient for change and a governing party that claims a divine right to rule. Although there is little prospect of the African National Congress (ANC) losing next year’s elections, genuine signs of anger have emerged during the crisis.

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/ 17 February 2008

SA battles national identity crisis

A draft loyalty pledge has plunged South Africa into a new identity crisis as it mulls its common values 14 years after discarding apartheid to forge a united society under a single flag. As the motley rainbow nation quibbles over a government proposal to introduce a pledge of allegiance in schools, some ideological battle lines are being redrawn.

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/ 6 February 2008

Govt slams school safety report as ‘hype’

A report by the South African Institute for Race Relations, which said South African schools were the most dangerous in the world, is ”media hype”, the Department of Education said on Wednesday. The report ”is evidence that this once-credible institution has fallen prey to a political agenda”, said department Director General Duncan Hindle.

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/ 13 December 2007

ANC on knife edge ahead of Polokwane

President Thabo Mbeki risks being cast aside by his party next week in favour of an arch rival who may yet be charged with corruption. Mbeki still has two years left as head of state but analysts say a defeat at the hands of Jacob Zuma in the African National (ANC) Congress leadership contest could leave him a lame duck.