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/ 11 March 2008

Harry Potter: The last battle

She doesn’t court publicity. She doesn’t flaunt her wealth. She has given millions to charity. JK Rowling has been a model of restraint. In little more than a decade since the first Harry Potter book was published, she has barely put a foot wrong in making the transition from single mother to one of the UK’s richest people.

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/ 10 November 2007

Studios and scribes draw up battle lines

”OJ’s in court today and I’m standing here. I don’t want to be here. I want to be in there, doing my job.” Joe Medeiros nods at the hulk of the NBC building in Burbank, Los Angeles, outside which he and a gaggle of fellow red-shirted pickets have been walking in circles for the best part of the morning.

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/ 17 October 2007

Madonna’s new music deal a sign of the times

Madonna’s landmark deal with concert promoter Live Nation marks the latest move by the music industry to find new ways to profit from artists as CD sales slip and the internet changes the way music is delivered. The deal, officially announced on Tuesday, gives the company an all-encompassing stake in her music.