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/ 29 March 2008

Observers allege fraud in Zim poll

African observers charged on Saturday that they had discovered fraudulent voters rolls in the Zimbabwe election, listing more than 8 000 apparently non-existent people. Marwick Khumalo, head of the Pan African Parliament, said that in one Harare constituency, ”8 450 [voters] have been registered under block 081083 … which is a deserted land with a few scattered wooden sheds”.

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/ 26 February 2008

‘If Zim catches fire, everyone will burn’

There was no dictator in Zimbabwe, just unwelcome outside interference, its ambassador to South Africa Simon Khaya Moyo said in Pretoria on Tuesday. Britain and the United States were financially backing the opposition because they wanted President Robert Mugabe out of power over his land reforms, Moyo said.

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/ 15 February 2008

Concern over media bias in Zimbabwe

With only weeks to go before the Zimbabwean elections, there has been no let-up in the slanted coverage of the campaign by the country’s public broadcaster, according to the independent Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe. It said that it noted with concern that the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation showed no sign of observing Zimbabwean law.