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Afrolit Sans Frontières: Stories and writers in the comfort of your living room

Zukiswa Wanner has organised a virtual literary festival, from March 23 to 30, to help readers and writers struggling with self-isolation

Accra: An Outsider’s Brief Perspective

"Maybe we see possibilities in each other’s countries that we don’t see in our own."

Write the future with young adults

Leaders of this continent need to pay attention to the intellectual need of the majority of the population.

Border delays because officials can

Four hours after our arrival in Lagos, the immigration officials must have felt they had sufficiently flexed their muscles

There’s no sweetness in Kenya’s sugar

A drama worthy of a Connie and Shona Ferguson production

I voted yes for land expropriation

In 1994, 86% of land was white-owned. There had been an agreement that 30% would be transferred by 1999, the date has been shifted to 2025.

Black Panther is more than just representation

It has awoken in me a sense of pride and dignity I had no idea I had lost from all those many years of being erased in international public discourse

A letter to my Xhosa fathers and brothers

"I am a Xhosa woman who is raising a Xhosa boy. If this is your manhood, madoda, keep it. Your priorities are very skewed".

The house of stone: A parable

"Citizens were told to tighten their belts while the political class loosened theirs because their stomachs had become too large".

Some are more valid than others

White critics are often put on a pedestal — even when they're telling us things we already know

We need our own Nobel and an academy

We are content when our leading brains give intellectual aid to our former colonisers while our countries could do with their knowledge.

What makes a good bookstore?

A trip to find the best shops for African literature raised the question of what makes a bookstore worth visiting.

Three countries. Three heartbreaks. One week

To be a woman in Kenya, South Africa or Zimbabwe means to be in perpetual fear of some form of abuse at the hands of men

A case for curiosity and generosity

Many good writers appear to be solipsists, selfish and even competitive, and unkind. These writers will remain good but will never be great.

Content for the continent

<i>African Writing Online</i>'s inaugural issue features Caine Prize winners Brian Chikwava, Helon Habila, local writer Zukiswa Wanner and others. Percy Zvomuya speaks to the editor, Afam Akeh.

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Pay-TV inquiry probes the Multichoice monopoly

Africa’s largest subscription television operator says it is under threat amid the emerging popularity of global platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime

Covid-overflow hospital in ruins as SIU investigates

A high-level probe has begun into hundreds of millions of rand spent by the Gauteng health department to refurbish a hospital that is now seven months behind schedule – and lying empty

​No apology or comfort as another Marikana mother dies without justice

Nomawethu Ma’Bhengu Sompeta, whose funeral will be held this weekend, was unequivocal in calling out the government for its response to the Marikana massacre

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