/ 4 March 2024

The Ethical Agency recognised as green website hosting company

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All of its services are powered by renewable energy sources

The Ethical Agency proudly announces its distinction as South Africa and Africa’s only organisation recognised by the Green Web Foundation for providing green (renewable energy-powered) website hosting. This recognition marks a significant milestone in the agency’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in the digital landscape.

What is the Green Web Foundation?

The Green Web Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation, is dedicated to tracking the portion of the internet powered by green energy. With a bold mission to achieve a fossil-free internet by 2030, the foundation maintains the world’s most comprehensive open database, cataloguing websites operating on renewable energy. By offering open-source tools, supporting movement leaders, and advocating for a sustainable and equitable internet, the Green Web Foundation is leading the charge towards a greener digital future.

How does The Ethical Agency approach marketing in the digital landscape? 

The Ethical Agency, renowned for its expertise in WordPress website development, offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including design, development, hosting and maintenance, all powered by renewable energy sources.

“Marketing successfully through digital channels is simpler than it is often portrayed: if you put the necessary effort into orchestrating a positive, user-focussed experience at key contact points, people will engage with your brand effortlessly. Naturally, this drives brand awareness, conversions and ROI,” says Brett Jefferson, CEO and creative director, The Ethical Agency.